Sunday, 22 June 2014

cum check out my erotic writing...

As Naomi Matthews, a certain somebody is slowly carving out a career as an Erotic writer.

Sophie's Seduction is a naughty tale of what happens when a wife discovers her husbands naughty secret. Things start getting hot and steamy when Sophie turns to her Boss for advice, unaware her Boss has her own designs on Sophie in this naughty, steamy slice of cross-dressing fiction.

Meanwhile, in Stacey Seeks Satisfaction, a young secretary, unafraid of taking what she wants, goes after her new Boss in an inter-racial, inter-office fantasy.

Finally, with all money going to a charity helping keep kids off the street, Naomi also has an Erotic short in the collection, Sexual tendencies, all about a very, naughty threesome! 

Check out these links to purchase any of Naomi's Erotic fiction so far:

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