Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Ten)

As the girls left the store, Tina was starting to feel as though she was losing control! Ever since she had begun visiting the Sex Therapist, Dr.Polly, she had been feeling more sexual, more sensual and desires she had never knew existed had been awoken deep inside her. And the thing of it was, since she had started using the fragrance, Cute As Candi, that her Therapist had supplied her, she had begun to find herself more and more driven to act on those desires! Tina was worried she was turning into some kind of horny, sex-obsessed nymphomaniac but, at the same time, a big part of her didn't want it to stop either! Right now, she was simply having too much fun feeling constantly horny and aroused.....

Now as they walked through the town centre, she glanced over at her best friend, Debbie, who had been helping Tina to feminise her boyfriend, Tom and turning him into Shauna-Marie these last couple of days in readiness for an upcoming Halloween party. Debbie too had been exhibiting very high levels of sexual behaviour these last few days. What was happening to them both, Tina wondered, and could it be anything to do with the fact that Debbie too had just started seeing Therapist, Dr.Polly?

They were passing an Ann Summers store when Tina suddenly annnounced that she was going in to get "some special Lingerie for Shauna" but that the girls should go on as she wanted her purchases to be a surprise. Debbie and Shauna decided to grab a coffee and found a secluded cafe where Shauna could sit in the corner away from any pryng eyes. Despite the mass of feelings swirling round inside of her and despite her recent behaviour, Shauna was still finding her first trip out dressed very uncomfortable and nervous!

When a few minutes later Tina rejoined them and declared they were all going back to hers and Tom's place, the girls all leapt into a Taxi. The driver was obviously showng an interest in the three of them so Tina and Debbie decided to give him a show....lifting their skirts slightly to flash the tops of their stockings and fondling Shauna sexily in the back of the cab! The driver nearly crashed several times because he was eyeing up the 'girls' in his rear mirror but eventually managed to get them home safe! As they left the Taxi, Tina winked and told the driver she hoped he had enjoyed what he'd seen! The driver drove off feeling all flustered and embarrassed!

Once inside, Tina passed Shauna one of the bags she was carrying and told her former boyfriend to put on what she found inside and wait for the girls in the bedroom! Meanwhile, Tina pulled Debbie aside and told her exactly what she had planned for their afternoon of very naughty fun.....and as Tina told her, Debbie felt her panties getting wetter and wetter as she thought about everything that was going to happen!

A few minutes later, the girls entered the bedroom....both dresed up sexily in brand new lingerie that Tina had bought! As per instructions, Shauna was already waiting on the bed..all dressed up as a very sexy maid! It took Shauna a few seconds to realise that Tina was holding a video camera and found herself trembling in a mixture of nervousness and feverish excitement as she tried to anticipate what was about to enfold. Tina, noticing her boyfriend's reaction, just grinned ever wider....."You my dear," She told him, "are about to become a star......."

{To Be Continued...}

Friday, 20 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Nine)

Lucky girls, I'm feeling generous so here's another installment...

After finishing at the shoe shop, the girls next headed off to buy Shauna some dresses! Debbie knew a special store where they catered for taller women and figured it would be ideal to find some items in Shauna's size and quiet, being morning when everyone would be still at work. Shauna felt like she was in heaven as she entered, what with all the soft satin and tight, silky outfits and soon found a number of options that she liked! As Tina and Debbie waited outside the fitting room, Shauna came out and gave the pair a sneak preview at some of the dresses she had chosen. Tina and Debbie were very impressed!! 

Shauna didn't know when it had happened, but sometime in the last twenty-four hours she had stopped thinking of herself as Tom! Whether it was the MP3's Tina had had her listening to yesterday or simply the acceptance of what was being done for her at, almost, her own bequest, she didn't know. All she knew was that with every moment she was feeling more and more feminine and less like trying to fight the transformation she was going through! And, wearing these sexy outfits for her girlfriend was getting her extremely turned on!!!

Debbie too was starting to get horny watching Shauna come out wearing more and more sexier outfits! Beside her, Tina had begun to fidget and she just knew her friend was feeling it too! There was the faint scent of female arousal in the corridor outside the fitting rooms and, as Debbie watched, she saw her best friend's hand slyly slipping beneath her skirt, almost without Tina even realising she was doing it, to tease and fondle her pussy through her soaking wet panties! Debbie drew her friend close.....

"This is getting you excited isn't it?" Debbie whispered to Tina, letting her hand stroke across her friend's tight satin blouse, lightly brushing her friend's breasts causing Tina to moan.....Tina wasn't wearing a bra, Debbie noted, and her nipples were startlingly erect! 

Tina looked down at her friend and licked her lips lasciviously....Debbie, sensing encouragement, pulled the light satin to one side and fondled Tina's sensitive nipples causing her to bite her lip in excitement as she held back another soft moan..."What say we go inside the fitting room and help Shauna try on something else.." Debbie suggested, knowing she now had her friend right where she wanted her!

Within minutes, the fitting room was filled with the sounds of female pleasure. Whilst Tina lay back on the small couch in the fitting room, Shauna-Marie sucked on her tits and played with her girlfriend's pussy; all the while whilst Debbie and Tina swapped tongues in mutual excitement! Before long, Debbie was down on the floor on all fours, her skirt lifted about her hips and her panties pushed to one side as Shauna licked her out with Tina sucking and playing with her tits! Out of the three girls, only Shauna never got an opportunity to cum and that was only because the girls heard the click-clack of the sales assistant's high heels as she came back down the corridor to see if her only customers for now needed any help! Quickly, Debbie pulled herself together, made herself decent and, still shuddering from the throes of orgasm,  slipped out of the curtained partition.

"Oh yes," the girls heard Debbie tell the assistant, "We're very happy with the selections we've picked! I think we'll take them all!"

{To Be Continued...}

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Eight)


Ten days ago, Debbie too had begun seeing sexual therapist, Dr.Polly Barton, under the advice of her good friend, Tina, as she had been having similar problems with her husband in that he just couldn't seem to be bothered to fulfill her needs in the bedroom anymore. Tina had said how good she had started feeling about herself after seeing Dr.Polly and coming to terms with the fact that the problems lay with Tom and not her. Debbie was hoping for similar results.....

Right from the start, Debbie found herself feeling a little embarrassed as Dr.Polly seemed to want to spend a lot of time analyzing her close relationship with Tina. She kept spraying herself with perfume and asking Did Debbie find her friend attractive? Had they ever experimented together in college? Did Tina and her spend a lot of time together, just the two of them, without the boys around? Debbie could not see what any of this had to do with her marriage failings at first, but the more Dr.Polly spoke, the more Debbie realised that she had been making excuses more and more of late to spend time with her friend,Tina! Slowly and surely, Debbie had been finding reason after reason not to be with her husband or to arrive home late, too late, to get up to anything naughty!

"Could it be, perhaps, that you are in denial?" Dr.Polly asked Debbie now, "that really after all this time that you are attracted to women? That you are sexually attracted to your close friend,Tina but that you have been fighting this attraction all along?" Slowly, Dr.Polly lifted her legs up onto her desk and partly spread her thighs allowing Debbie to catch a brief glimpse of her panties. "Maybe you're attracted to me too?" Dr.Polly suggested softly....."Maybe coming here was just an excuse to help you get closer to Tina but now that you're here, you can't stop thinking about me either? Am I right? Are you thinking about me now Debbie? Are you sitting there right now wondering what it might be like to slip your tongue between my warm, wet thighs? I bet you are, you naughty girl.....I bet you're thinking about all the naughty things you might like to do to me!"

Debbie tried to shake her head, tried to deny it but suddenly realised she was extremely and suddenly horny. Her panties were way past damp and as Dr.Polly gently moved round the desk and slipped her hand up Debbie's skirt to play with her aching pussy, she heard herself moaning and felt herself spreading her legs wider to give her therapist better access to her snatch! "Oh I just knew it," Dr.Polly was saying, "You're sooo hot..so wet...you naughty, dirty girl!" She took Debbie's hand and thrust it up her own skirt and into the equally soaking wet knickers beneath. Her mouth was now on Debbies, mashing their glossed lips together, and her other hand was undoing Debbie's blouse and fondling her tits. Debbie no longer cared; all of a sudden she had been taken over by the heady smell of Dr.Polly's fragrance and the sexy lust of the situation she had found herself in with no idea how she had gotten there! 

The session came to a close finally twenty minutes later. Debbie was sprawled all over Dr.Polly's desk frantically licking out her therapist's pussy whilst Polly returned the favour in a sexy sixty-nine. As both women brought each other to climax, Debbie felt emotions and sensations like she had never felt before! She heard herself screaming out in passion as her whole body exploded with pleasure! And yet, when Debbie left the office minutes later, her whole therapy session felt like a half-imagined dream. All she could remember was confessing to Dr.Polly how much she fantasised and dreamt of being with her friend Tina and how she thought she might be experiencing lesbian tendencies. Dr.Polly had kindly asked her to consider cumming again and Debbie had acquiesced....

A week later, when she heard how Tina was planning to feminise her boyfriend Tom both to teach him a lesson and to attend an upcoming Halloween party in drag, Debbie jumped at a chance to help. This could be her moment, she rationalised, her chance to finally get Tina to herself and, if Debbie was honest, the thought of femming up Tom was also an incredible turn-on......

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Seven)

When Shauna emerged from the bathroom, all showered and freshly perfumed with her girlfriend's "Cute As Candi" fragrance, Tina had already bathed and dressed in the guest bedroom and was standing waiting for her. She had dug out some of her old clothes for Shauna to wear over the sexy lingerie she had set out for her and, once Shauna was dressed, quickly helped her apply some subtle, under-stated make-up and attach the long, flowing red wig she wanted her lover to put on. Shauna stared at herself in the mirror, nervous at the thought of her first trip outside the house dressed as a woman! But not as nervous as she thought she might be surprisingly. The heady scent of Tina's new fragrance seemed strangely calming and relaxing!

"I'm not sure about this..." Shauna whimpered, "Maybe we should leave my first trip out in public for a few days until I feel a bit more confident! I'm not sure I'm ready to be seen like this!"

"Nonsense," Tina insisted, eyeing up Shauna in all her glory, "this will be a test of all we practised yesterday and, besides, you can't keep wearing my old clothes...you need a wardrobe of your own and Debbie has taken today off work especially for this little shopping trip of ours!" Shauna had made quick progress, Tina decided. Underneath her outer clothes, Shauna's now-feminine figure was perfectly enhanced by the tight body-shaping basque, false breasts, stockings and panties she was wearing and, just from the way she was standing, Tina could tell that Shauna was already beginning to accept being dressed in women's clothes without any question! This was going to be much easier than she had either thought or expected!

 Debbie met the girls in town half an hour later. Their first stop was a shoe shop where Shauna tried on a various selection of different shapes and styles from sensible flats to sexy high heels. Although she felt a bit unbalanced still walking in heels, Shauna tried to remember everything Tina had taught her yesterday about keeping her back straight and looking directly ahead and not down at where she was walking. There were a couple of pairs that immediately caught Shauna's eye and she walked up and down in them several times to both Tina and Debbie's approval. For some unknown reason, Shauna loved the way that the heels felt around her feet and had to keep reaching down and gliding her hands over her stocking-clad ankles until she reached where they met the shoes. Once, she even caught herself purring with delight and wondered if she was developing a shoe fetish! 

Debbie, who DID have a foot fetish, began getting aroused too...watching Shauna walking up and down the store, modeling for the girls, and slowly felt her panties starting to dampen! When Shauna slipped on a pair of strappy gold heels, Debbie could not help herself any longer and began rubbing her own hands up and down Shauna's stockinged legs, slipping the point of the heel Shauna was wearing between her lips and sucking on it like a little clitty! 

It was at this point that the sales assistant, who had also been taking a keen interest in Shauna and the girls came over. Debbie let go of the heel and tried to appear nonchalant, unsure what had just come over her! Tina just smiled and looked the assistant up and down hungrily. 

"Can I help at all?" He asked quietly confident. "We're okay," Tina told him, "but our friend Shauna here  was hoping you might help her try on a pair of these...." She passed the assistant a pair of the heels Shauna had been trying on then dragged Debbie away to look at the displays on the other side of the store. As she passed Shauna, Tina whispered something in her ear that Debbie could not quite hear along the lines of "I think he likes you, tease him a little!"

A second later, both girls watched as Shauna slyly rubbed a stocking-clad foot up and down the sales assistant's crotch without a seconds hesitation. Gazing into his eyes, the girls heard her tell him "I think I'll take them all.....and your number too if that's not a problem..." Both Tina and Debbie broke into giggles, amazed at what had just happened. As for Shauna, she did not know what had just come over her, it was as if she had heard a little voice in her brain telling her what to do and say almost whether she wanted to or not! 

Quickly the girls grabbed Shauna's purchases and exited the store as fast as possible. Debbie turned to Tina as they were leaving and whispered, "What was all THAT about...?" Tina shook her head...

"I'm not sure," She told her friend, "But it was naughty and I think I liked it......I'm not sure how, but I think our girl Shauna is taking over Tom's old personality! Ready for some more fun...?"

{To Be Continued...}

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Six)

When Shauna Marie (formerly Tom) woke up the next morning, still dressed in her naughty lingerie, she remembered the events of the day before as all some kind of hazy dream! She seemed to recall agreeing to a bet with her girlfriend, Tina, that she couldn't live as a female for ten days and convince everyone at an upcoming office Halloween party that she was a woman. She also had brief recollection of her girlfriend's best friend coming over and doing her make-up before helping her to get dressed as sexily as possible. And then, after a day of rigorous training in how to walk and talk like a woman, Shaua vaguely remembered watching some shemale porn whilst licking her own cum off of a shiny, plastic dildo and fingering her girlfriend's pussy. Remembering all this, Shauna felt herself starting to get aroused and wondered where her girlfriend, Tina had got to.

Getting out of bed and moving towards the hall, Shauna could hear voices. It was only as she approached the bedroom door that she realised Tina was on the phone! And that while she was talking, she was also playing with her pussy!!

"Oh yes Dr.Polly," Tina was saying, "the MP3 recordings you emailed over were very helpful. Shauna Marie seems to be taking to her new conditioning very well! Why, by just last night, she was starting to act more feminine and was near totally compliant. Yes, she took the pills with no argument too! Yes, I really do think she is starting to enjoy being dressed as a woman. Why yes, of course I will bring pictures when I come for my next session!" As she hung up the phone, Tina absent mindly licked her fingers tasting her own juices and letting out a soft moan....watching her, Shauna Marie knew her girlfriend was excited but waited until she had left the hall before walking out into the flat and across to the kitchen.

"Who was that on the phone?" Shauna asked, startling her girlfriend who spun round guiltily. "Oh...um..no one," Tina hesitantly replied, "Just some sales call....silly really. What a time to call!" Tina's breath was heavy and Shauna could see her girlfriend's nipples hard and erect, poking through the tight satin of her night robe in an obvious sign of arousal. "Hmm...looks like someone else is up early," Tina teased as, giving her new lesbian fuck toy a once-over, she noticed Shauna's own obvious signs of excitment. Without a second glance, Tina  moved over to Shauna and, shoving her tongue deep into Shauna's mouth, thrust her hand down her girlfriend's panties and began playing with her hardening clitty causing Shauna to moan and whimper. Shauna, for her part, pushed Tina's hand away and, pulling her citty out of her knickers began rubbing her hardness up and down the damp, widening stain on Tina's panties. Tina moaned in reply then urgently stepped away!

"Uh uh uh," Tina told her lover, "You know the rules, you only get to have sex when I say you can! Mind you," she continued, "It seems such a shame to waste this!" She reached down and began stroking Shauna's clitty once more before pushing Shauna down roughly onto the kitchen floor. Dropping down to join her, Tina took her lover's cock deep inside her mouth and begin licking and sucking; teasing and tickling Shauna's balls with one hand whilst the other moved between her own thighs, bringing herself off with her fingers! Within seconds, Shauna had shot her load for the first time that morning and Tina was kissing her hard on the lips, feeding her back her own sticky juices!

"We should wake up this way EVERY morning..." Tina joked, "You'd better jump in the bathroom Shauna. Debbie will be here soon and remember, we have a busy shopping trip planned for later on......we need to buy you a sexy new wardrobe!"

{To Be Continued...}

Monday, 2 August 2010

When Daddy came home....Part Two

Found these pictures that related to the earlier series I did and couldn't help but caption them as well! If any story deserved a follow-up, it was that one! Hope you girls enjoy! XXX Sophie XXX