Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Ten)

As the girls left the store, Tina was starting to feel as though she was losing control! Ever since she had begun visiting the Sex Therapist, Dr.Polly, she had been feeling more sexual, more sensual and desires she had never knew existed had been awoken deep inside her. And the thing of it was, since she had started using the fragrance, Cute As Candi, that her Therapist had supplied her, she had begun to find herself more and more driven to act on those desires! Tina was worried she was turning into some kind of horny, sex-obsessed nymphomaniac but, at the same time, a big part of her didn't want it to stop either! Right now, she was simply having too much fun feeling constantly horny and aroused.....

Now as they walked through the town centre, she glanced over at her best friend, Debbie, who had been helping Tina to feminise her boyfriend, Tom and turning him into Shauna-Marie these last couple of days in readiness for an upcoming Halloween party. Debbie too had been exhibiting very high levels of sexual behaviour these last few days. What was happening to them both, Tina wondered, and could it be anything to do with the fact that Debbie too had just started seeing Therapist, Dr.Polly?

They were passing an Ann Summers store when Tina suddenly annnounced that she was going in to get "some special Lingerie for Shauna" but that the girls should go on as she wanted her purchases to be a surprise. Debbie and Shauna decided to grab a coffee and found a secluded cafe where Shauna could sit in the corner away from any pryng eyes. Despite the mass of feelings swirling round inside of her and despite her recent behaviour, Shauna was still finding her first trip out dressed very uncomfortable and nervous!

When a few minutes later Tina rejoined them and declared they were all going back to hers and Tom's place, the girls all leapt into a Taxi. The driver was obviously showng an interest in the three of them so Tina and Debbie decided to give him a show....lifting their skirts slightly to flash the tops of their stockings and fondling Shauna sexily in the back of the cab! The driver nearly crashed several times because he was eyeing up the 'girls' in his rear mirror but eventually managed to get them home safe! As they left the Taxi, Tina winked and told the driver she hoped he had enjoyed what he'd seen! The driver drove off feeling all flustered and embarrassed!

Once inside, Tina passed Shauna one of the bags she was carrying and told her former boyfriend to put on what she found inside and wait for the girls in the bedroom! Meanwhile, Tina pulled Debbie aside and told her exactly what she had planned for their afternoon of very naughty fun.....and as Tina told her, Debbie felt her panties getting wetter and wetter as she thought about everything that was going to happen!

A few minutes later, the girls entered the bedroom....both dresed up sexily in brand new lingerie that Tina had bought! As per instructions, Shauna was already waiting on the bed..all dressed up as a very sexy maid! It took Shauna a few seconds to realise that Tina was holding a video camera and found herself trembling in a mixture of nervousness and feverish excitement as she tried to anticipate what was about to enfold. Tina, noticing her boyfriend's reaction, just grinned ever wider....."You my dear," She told him, "are about to become a star......."

{To Be Continued...}


  1. Oh my I have a feeling that this video will be very popular. I sure hope that no one I know might see it and recognize me.

    Oh I love how this is going, Sophie. I can't possibly thank you enough for it.

  2. oh yes you can sweetie........and if you're really good maybe Sophie will show you how! Naughty chuckle xxx sophie xxx

  3. Oh I promise to be very, very good and naughty.