Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part Three)

I don't know how long I sat there tied to my chair, struggling against my bonds; my butt plug still vibrating inside of me keeping me permanently horny and aroused, images of naughty bimbo sluts sucking cock and pleasuring themselves flashing across the screen in front of me; my Auntie Jayne's used pantyhose stretched over my head, her wet panties stuffed in my mouth, gagging my moans of pleasure! But at some stage, unbeknownst to me, Auntie Jayne had walked back in the room and began observing my predicament!! She had set me up in what she called "My first proper Sissy Training Session" and now began fondling and fingering her tight, wet pussy as she watched me struggling futilely in my bonds, trying to bring myself off! I only became aware of her presence when she switched off the DVD she was making me watch and stopped the butt-plug vibrating in my Sissy pussy!

"Oh my naughty little Sissy neice, I'll just bet you're feeling horny now, aren't you?" Auntie Jayne teased me as she pulled off my pantyhose hood. "I'll just bet you're dying for your Auntie to let you cum, aren't you Sissy?" She smiled a wicked smile as she next removed my panty gag from out my painted mouth. I was ashamed to feel a little bit of drool fall from my lips and tried to stop myself from moaning in pleasure a
t the sudden sense of relief I felt at being ungagged! One of Auntie's hands slipped up beneath my dress and, as she untied me from the chair, I felt one solitary fingernail running itself up and down my rock hard, pantied clit! "Ooooh god, oooh god, oh...Auntie, pleasssse" I moaned as I now felt her sliding her nail slowly across its tip. "You like that don't you Sissy?" She asked me, "Feels good doesn't it you naughty, dirty Slut! I bet Danielle would love to have cummies right about now, wouldn't she? But first, it's time to take care of Auntie!!"

Pulling me from the chair, Auntie now pushed me roughly to the floor. Squatting above me, she slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy down onto my face. She had changed her knickers, af
ter using her last pair on me as a gag, and this pair was of a lace material that had been made almost transparent by her moist, wet juices! Putting both hands on the cheeks of her arse, I pulled her down onto my willing, waiting tongue, knowing exactly what it was she wanted, and began eagerly licking her hot pussy through her panties...I had never done anything like this before but judging from Auntie's moans and gasps I was obviously doing something right! "Ooooh god, oooh god, Danielle....oh just there...oooh lick me harder" I heard her cry as I pushed her panties to one side and sucked upon her labia. She began grinding her pussy down on my face harder and harder as she urged me to push my tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. "Oh god that's it! Oooooh god....Oh Danieeeeellllee!" All I could smell, all I could taste was my Auntie's sweet, hot juices and just knowing that it was me that was doing this to her, me that was driving her so crazy with desire, aroused me even more than I had thought was possible. Just as I thought this, I felt her hands move down and begin stroking me through my satin pantied thong! There was a second when they pulled away, but then they were back as Auntie pushed down my panties and something cold, wet and slippery slid over my clitty. I barely had time to wonder why Auntie had put a condom on me before I felt her mouth engorging my swollen, aching cock. I felt her lips moving up and down my shaft as we sixty-nined each other and our joint moans of pleasure only served to turn us both on more! Our pace increased; her mouth moving more furiously up and down my clitty, my tongue licking in and out of her hot, wet pussy and across her clit driving her half-mad with lust and it was not long before we were both screaming in mutual orgasm! Fully spent, we both collapsed, exhausted. Auntie Jayne's hand reached down and began stroking my nylon-clad legs through my now-laddered stockings whilst I caressed her smooth bottom through the soft material of her knickers....

"Oh....Danielle," She purred, sliding off me, taking the now-used condom and tying it in a knot. "You really know how to make your Auntie happy, don't you! I think we're both going to get something very special out of your stay here!"

{To Be Continued...}

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part Two)

Previously: I had been sent to stay at my sexy Auntie Jayne's for a few months whilst my mother was working away overseas. I had only been here for a few hours but already I had been caught pleasuring myself in my Aunt's panties, had been forced to dress in sexy white lingerie and heels, had my face made up to look like a Sissy girl and been teased to orgasm by my Aunt who then forced me to admit I was a dirty, Sissy Slut! From now on, she told me, I would be known simply as Danielle...

Now, not only was I locked and trapped in heels, a butt-plug held tight inside of me by a combination of a satin thong, wet with my own cum, and a tight, clingy dress but also I had my hands handcuffed in front of me. "But Auntie, please" I begged, confused, "what did I do wrong. I've done everything you asked of me! Why are you punishing me?" "Stupid sissy," Auntie Jayne replied, "This isn't punishment, this is just the beginning of your next set of training! How does it feel knowing that you're trapped you naughty, naughty girl?" With one hand, she reached up and pulled down her own soaking wet pantyhose and panties. "How does it feel knowing I've got you exactly where I want you, you dirty, horny bitch?"

{Part Two}
"Do you know how wet you've gotten me you dirty, filthy Slut?" Auntie Jayne asked as she came up close enough to kiss me. "Do you know how much training you to be a naughty, dirty Sissy is turning me on? Give me your hand baby and feel how wet you've made your naughty Auntie's pussy. Feel how wet I'm getting just standing here talking to you now!" She grabbed one of my cuffed hands and slipped it up her skimpy black mini dress. I felt my fingers brush something hot, wet and slippery and heard her moan as one of my fingers slipped briefly inside of her. "Oooooh God, yes, finger me...finger my tight, wet pussy Danielle..." She began, grinding herself down upon my hand...."Ooooh yesssss, fuck me with those naughty fingers..." Auntie Jayne shuddered in mini orgasm then reached down and took my hand out from under her dress. Raising it to her mouth, she licked the juices from each of my fingers in turn.

"Open your mouth," Auntie Jayne told me but, not knowing quite what to expect, I hesitated. Her hand lashed out, slapping me hard across the face and stinging my cheek. "Open your fucking mouth, Sissy!" she told me again and this time I acquiesced! "Auntie's got a tasty special treat in store for you," she told me and slipped her wet panties into my mouth, using them as a gag! "A very special treat!" She stretched out her pantyhose and pulled it over my head. Suddenly my vision was reduced and all I could smell was my naughty, sexy Auntie all around me. In my mouth, I could taste her pussy and in my nose, all I could smell was Auntie Jayne's intoxicating scent. I had never been so turned on in all my life and yet had also never felt so helpless all at the same time!!

Auntie turned me around, pushed me out into the hall and then down into the lounge. With every step, I could feel my plug moving inside of me and as I walked, I could not help but whimper and moan through my panty gag with little gasps of pleasure. Auntie heard and, with a smile, began stroking my bottom, shamelessly teasing and playing with the plug inside of me even more! Part of me was frightened at what was coming next but another shameful part of had never been so aroused! I had been here only a few hours now but in that time, I had had more sexual experience with my Aunt than I could ever have imagined possible. Reaching the lounge, Auntie pushed me into a chair then, fetching a coil of rope from under the seat, proceeded to tie me to it. The pressure of the plug in my bottom had increased as I sat down and now I wriggled my arse in a desperate bid to get comfortable which only made me moan and gasp even more with barely suppressed pleasure! "Auntie has to go and make dinner soon," she told me as she held me still and tightened the ropes that now held me trapped in the seat, "but while I'm gone, I want you to continue your training! It's time you learnt what being a Sissy is all about!" She picked up a couple of remote controls from a nearby table. Pushing a button on the first remote caused the plug inside of me start to move as it slowly began to pulse and vibrate, sending incredible sensations all through my body. Again, I found myself whimpering and moaning as any movement caused my aching clitty in the front to be caressed by the tight, wet satin of my thong! All I wanted to do was touch myself but Auntie had forbidden it as well as handcuffing me and tying me to this chair! Desperately, I wondered if I could possibly manage to make myself cum without actually touching?

Pushing a button on the second remote, Auntie activated a DVD that had been sitting, waiting to be watched. "This is a little training video that some friends made for me," Auntie told me, "I hope you enjoy you naughty little Sissy....I'll be back when dinner's ready!" She walked out into the hall, headed for the kitchen at the back of the house, chuckling to herself as she did so and leaving me to sit and struggle against my bonds as waves of pleasure gently pulsed through me! I breathed in the delicious smell of her pantyhose, my mouth filled with the taste of Auntie's pussy through the sodden gag of her panties, as the recording on the DVD slowly started to play....


A series of bimbo images flashed across the screen accompanied by the sounds of Aqua's Barbie Girl. There were pictures of naughty Bimbo Sluts going down on hard, erect cocks and dressed in all manner and variety of erotic outfits. The whole emphasis of the DVD seemed to be aimed at not just training me into becoming a naughty Bimbo Sissy Slut but also wanting the transistion to take place! As I watched, I could quite literally feel my male personality slipping away only to be replaced by something else; something much more feminine, wanton and wicked!! With every throb of the plug inside me, I found myself moaning louder and louder into my gag. All I could do to distract myself was try and concentrate on the images in fron
t of me as they flashed across the screen but the more I watched, the more hornier and aroused I got!! I found myself wanting to be one of the girls in the video; I wanted to be a brainless, bimbo slut! I wanted to feel a big, hard cock sliding in and out of my hot, wet pussy while another slid between my heavily painted lips and into my moist, willing mouth. I wanted to be sucked and fucked into oblivion and treated like the dirty, naughty slut I so obviously was! A part of me still felt ashamed and disgusted at the thoughts, feelings and emotions currently running through my head and at everything that had happened to me today but this small area of my brain was rapidly being drowned out by the sheer weight of horniness and arousal my body was feeling right now! Without realising it, I had begun thrusting myself forwards in time with the vibrations of my plug and was pumping my clitty in my tight wet panties. I was rapidly losing control of myself as the subliminal images flashing before me started working on my brain and though my clitty begged for release, I simultaneously began praying desperately that I wouldn't cum without Auntie's permission. After everything I had gone through today since arriving, I certainly didn't want to be punished! Auntie Jayne was already well on the way to force-femming me and moulding me in her desired image, the last thing I wanted to do was make her mad. And yet, it was so hard....and I was soooo very, very close. Right on the edge in fact! As close as I could be without touching!!!

My muffled moans began to build in intensity as my body ached for its final release. I was sounding more and more like a Sissy gurl with every cry of pleasure and sudden
ly I realised I no longer cared......

{To Be Continued...}

Friday, 23 April 2010

Girls I'd like to be...

These are just a few images of girls I have found on the net that I would love to be....can you just imagine what it must feel like to be trapped in sexy satin and lace and be feeling really horny? To want nothing else but a big, fat cock sliding in and out of your tight, wet pussy? All these girls really turn me on but not because I want to be with them....but because I want to BE them!!! xxx Sophie xxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A few sexy little pictures to keep you going...

While I put the finishing touches to my latest installment of Auntie's naughty antics, I have managed to find a few more sexy photos that really turn me on and get me excited! Hopefully this will keep all you naughty girls out there temporarily sated until Auntie Jayne returns....which will not be long I promise you! xxx Sophie xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The burning question....

One of the girls at work today asked a couple of us guys "If you had to have sex with a man, would you be a giver or a taker?" Of course I had to say "Giver" because I couldn't have anyone knowing my secret sissy fantasies but deep inside I was picturing myself painted and dressed, wearing stockings and heels being fucked from behind whilst I sucked on a big, black dildo! Then I thought actually would it be sooo bad to be a Giver? Picture this...I have been transformed into a naughty Shemale Slut and am now being forced to initiate and break in a new Sissy by my Mistress! I have been promised my freedom if I can break this new sissys will and force her to accept that her new life is as a submissive boi toy, a plaything to be used only by other sissy sluts! I have to fuck her until she starts moaning like a girl then cum all over her face and make her lick up my juices. Only thing is, I have been lied to. There is never going to be any freedom and I am destined to carry on breaking in lots of other sissies for my Mistress in the future....Hmmmm, what a lucky sissy....xxxx Sophie xxxx

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just to let you girls know....

That I haven't yet finished with my "First time caught and Feminised" story and that I will be going back to it but, for now, my Auntie Jayne series is appearing to have taken over my life! There is still so much yet to reveal with this story about an Aunt and her young nephew whom she wishes to change into a girl, that it would be wrong for me to leave it right now. But trust me, I have lots of other ideas brewing in the pipeline and we WILL all get to them eventually. But for now though, enjoy..... Sophie xxxxx

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part One)

Previously: Whilst my mother was working away overseas, I had been sent to stay at my sexy Auntie Jayne's. Left to my own devices, I had been puzzled to discover that the guest bedroom had all been laid out as though for a girl's arrival. Going on to explore my Auntie Jayne's room, I discovered a very naughty photo of my Aunt and a pair of her used panties. After dressing up in some of her very sexy lingerie, I was then caught pleasuring myself when my Aunt came home unexpectedly. But, rather than being annoyed, Auntie Jayne had actually seemed quite turned on by what she saw and almost unsurprised to find me in such a compromised position.

Now, she had dressed me once again in sexy white lingerie and heels, made up my face to look like a girl, degraded me and told me that I was to be trained as a dirty, Sissy Slut! From now on, I would be known simply as Danielle...

I was still bent over the dressing table, dressed as a girl, with my arse in the air after Auntie Jayne had finished fingering me and bringing me to my second explosive orgasm of the day! My white satin panties were all sticky from my juices and now as I stood there, Auntie slipped her hand inside my knickers again and scooped what was left of of my hot, wet cum onto her fingers. Bringing her hand around towards my bottom, she slipped her fingers down between my arse cheeks and proceeded to smear my own love juices across my rosebud; mixing them in with the lube that still resided there from a few moments ago. I let out a soft moan as, once again, I felt her fingers slip inside of me except this time they were coated with my own hot, sticky cum! "Feel that you dirty little Sissy..." Auntie Jayne whispered in my ear, " That's your own juices I'm sliding in your pussy. I've made you cum like a girl," she continued, "Now for the next part of your training, it's time to get fucked like a girl!!" Her free hand reached over and opened the drawer closest to her in the bedroom dresser and pulled something out quickly before I could see in the mirror exactly what it was. A second later, I found out!!

I remember feeling a t
inge of disappointment as I felt her fingers departing from my boi pussy and a sudden sense of emptiness....but that didn't last for long. One second I was aware of something cool, hard and plastic sliding down between my butt cheeks and then, all of a sudden, I was filled like I had never felt before by something firm, hard and invasive! I could feel my bottom being stretched as it tried desperately to accommodate what was being slipped inside my passage and I had to bite down on my fingers in order to prevent myself from moaning out in what was a combination of extreme, shameful delight at being filled and total discomfort at the pressure building up inside of me. "Oooooh God, Auntie Jayne," I gasped, "It's too big...I...I... can't take it! You're tearing me in two....Oh God, Auntie Jayne...oh please...oh Goddddddd!" This last, as I felt whatever she was putting in me slip deeper and further than I had ever imagined possible!! "Don't be such a pussy," Auntie told me sternly as she pulled up the back of my knickers, the tight string of my thong pushing my new butt-plug in even further, causing me to moan with guilty wanton pleasure. "This is just to start with, before you're finally done, your plugs are going to get much, much bigger! How does it feel to have your naughty boi pusssy properly filled, eh you dirty little bitch?" I slowly moved my hands down my body, finally coming to rest on my bottom, pushing in the plug and making it move still deeper inside me. "Oh Goddd," I moaned, "My name is Danielle and I AM a dirty, horny little slut..." The truth of those words finally sunk in as I realised what I was becoming, what in fact I had probably been all along hidden deep beneath the surface and a tremendous feeling of shame started to wash over me. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why was I behaving like this...?

Auntie Jayne had moved to the wardrobe, a satisfied look upon her face as though she knew what I was thinking, and had pulled out a short, short clingy dress which she now thrust towards me. "Put this on," she commanded and something in her voice told me I had better do as she said. But every step now moved the plug about inside of me and the sensations it was arousing were driving me crazy with sheer lust and horniness. I thought about my own cum which was even now inside of my boi pussy and soaking the front of my thighs through my tight satin thong and it was all I could do to keep control. Unsteadily, I stepped into the dress and Auntie pulled it up around me and zipped me up tightly in back. There was a sharp click as she did so and it took a couple of seconds to realise she had locked me in! The top of the dress ended in a padlock which trapped me securely in bondage. There was no getting out until Auntie decided to unlock me!! I was just comprehending what this meant when, with another series of clicks, I realised Auntie Jayne had bent down and locked both my heels as well! Auntie had me trapped not just in this tight clingy dress but also in my heels! I was just about to protest when Auntie seized both hands in front of me and fitted a third and final set of handcuffs before I could even think to react! Now, not only was I locked and trapped in heels, a butt-plug held tight inside of me by a combination of my wet satin thong and my tight, clingy dress but also I had my hands handcuffed in front of me. "But Auntie please," I begged confused, "what did I do wrong. I've done everything you asked of me! Why are you punishing me?" "Stupid sissy," Auntie Jayne replied, "This isn't punishment, this is just the beginning of your next set of training! How does it feel knowing that you're trapped you naughty, naughty girl?" With one hand, she reached up and pulled down her own soaking wet pantyhose and panties. "How does it feel knowing I've got you exactly where I want you, you dirty, horny bitch?"

{To Be Continued...}

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand...{Part Three- The Training begins...}

The first thing that Auntie Jayne did was order me to strip. "Put this on," she commanded and threw me a baby blue satin bath-robe that barely covered my thighs. "First rule," she said, "No arguments! You do what I tell you when I tell you and that means NO TOUCHING! From now on, no cummies unless Auntie Jayne says so and believe me, I WILL know if you break this rule, you WILL be punished and trust me, you won't like the punishment!! Second rule, under my roof you only wear female clothes and answer to the name of Danielle. Third rule, every day you will bathe thoroughly using only the feminine products found in my bathroom and spray yourself with lots of girly perfume ~ I want you smelling like the sissy gurl you are and I want no one mistaking you for a boy. Fourth rule ~ every time I DO allow you to cum, I want you to eat all of it up! As a gurl, you are going to have to learn to love the taste and there's no better place to start than with your own Sissy cream! All the stuff you brought with you, the stuff you packed, goes into storage and, at the end of your stay here, you can have it back....if you still want it!" She let out a small chuckle. What did she mean "if I still wanted it?" I wondered, of course I would still want it. None of this was permanent, it was just while I was staying here wasn't it? At no point did I think to question or challenge Auntie. Somehow I could sense that getting caught pleasuring myself in her lingerie had changed radically the dynamics of my situation and that now there was no question, if there ever had been, that Auntie Jayne was in charge!!

"There's a hot bath waiting in the suite at the end of the hall," Auntie told me,"Us
e the cream I have left on the side, it will remove all that nasty masculine body hair you are starting to grow, then put on the clothes I have left you in your bedroom. When you are ready, we can start your first lesson ~ how to apply make-up ~ then there'll just be time for your first initiation training session before dinner! Don't be long, if Auntie thinks you're starting to play with your little clitty without permission then Auntie will not be happy!" "Auntie Jayne," I protested one last time,"please, why are you doing this? I'm not a girl, I'm not gay, I'm not some prissy faggot sissy!" "Maybe not yet," auntie Jayne said with a very knowing smile, "But there's still time! Besides, I think these pictures tell a very different story!" She held up the camera. Reluctantly I nodded. Right now, it seemed, she had me over a barrel; I had no room to argue and for now it was probably best just to do as I was told before I really did start testing her patience!

I entered the bathroom and was instantly greeted by the sweet smelling aroma of feminine bath foam that I found almost hypnotic and more than a little bit soothing. Dropping the robe to the floor, I found the cream Auntie had mentioned and liberally spread it all over my body. The bottle said to wait two minutes and then wash it off. Climbing into the bath minutes later, I was somewhat distressed to see what little body hair I had literally falling off my body! Remembering Auntie's warning not to touch myself, I quickly cleaned myself in the bath and, stepping out, sprayed the girly perfume she had left me all over my body. The scent was something I had never heard of before called Cute As Candi and smelled very flowery and girly. Smelling this, there was no possibility anyone would mistake me for being a boy, I thought and quickly donned my satin robe again before walking back into my new bedroom.

Auntie had left me out a full set of pure white satin lingerie that included naughty knickers, a basque with suspenders, stockings and some heels. The panties were a thong style, a size too small, and as I put them on I could feel them pull tight between the cheeks of my bottom. I had just attached my stockings to the suspenders and put on my 5" heels when Auntie slipped in behind me carrying a pair of jelly forms and some special make-up glue. "Thought you might like these," she said, "to help you feel more feminine ~ at least until you get your own...." "My own...?"I spluttered. "Oh yes, "said Auntie Jayne with a smile,"after all if you are going to be a Sissy gurl, then you are going to need to have your own titties!" She let out another of her disconcerting laughs before pulling down my basque, smearing my chest with the glue and attaching both the breast forms. Instantly I could feel the extra weight on my chest but suddenly the lingerie seemed to fit so much better! "There," said Auntie gently pushing back my basque, "that glue should hold until the end of the week and doesn't that feel better?" I tried to resist nodding but suddenly I found myself feeling much more feminine and girly and really couldn't help myself! "No need for a wig," she continued, "Your natural long red hair already makes you look like a pretty girly gurl but it'll need styling at some stage if you're really going to pass. Now, time for some make-up!" She pulled me to my feet and lead me over to the dressing table....

My first make-up lesson lasted around ninety minutes. Auntie Jayne showed me what to use to get the most feminine results and how to apply it before letting me have a go making up my face. My first attempts were less than successful, leaving me looking like a very drunk drag queen, and it was not long before Auntie soon took over. Upon completion, gazing into the mirror, even I would've had a hard time believing I was a boy! "Never mind," Auntie Jayne told me reassuringly, "there's plenty of time for you to learn and I have some DVDs that you can watch that may just help you! It WAS your first time after all! Now bend over the dresser and look at yourself properly in the mirror." Reluctantly, knowing that it was too late now ~ I had started down my slippery slope of forced feminization and there was no turning back, I did as I was told. "What's your name?" Auntie Jayne asked me, reaching round and gently fondling my firm, false breasts. "Danielle," I replied huskily, licking my heavily glossed lips sensually and looking every ounce a hot, sexy vixen. "And what are you?" she asked, her hands moving lower; one fingernail tracing my aching clit through my panties as the other caressed my bottom. "I...I don't know Auntie," I whimpered. "A dirty, naughty Sissy Slut," she told me then urged me to repeat it. "My name is Danielle," I recited, "and I am a dirty...naughty....Sissy Slut!" I let out a loud moan as her fingers brushed against the tip of my now throbbing erection, trapped inside its tight, white prison of my Aunts satin panties. "Again..." she urged me, "but this time, feel your titties as you say the words!"

Reaching up, I fondled myself through my sexy satin basque as I recited the words again. "My name is Danielle," I moaned, "And I am a dirty....naughty.....Sissy Slutttt.....such a naughty...dirty.... Sissy Slut!" I gasped as Auntie Jayne slid down the back of my panties and somethng cold, wet and moist slipped between my arse cheeks! It was a second before I realised it was her finger and that she was gently applying some kind of lube whilst, at the same time, sexily fingering my rosebud! "Auntie...oh Auntie, please...don't...that is, I never..." I began then broke into a moan as I felt first one then another finger slip deep inside of me. The front of my panties was now wet with pre-cum and, with her other hand, Auntie now began smearing it all across my knickers. I was close to exploding and Auntie Jayne kne
w it as she whispered to me again, "Say the words Danielle...say the words Auntie wants to hear!"

"MY NAME IS DANIELLE AND I AM A NAUGHTY, DIRTY SISSY SLUT!" I screamed as Auntie's fingers worked even harder in and out my asshole, faster and faster, stimulating my prostate. "MY NAME IS DANIELLE....AND I AM A NAUGHTY....DIRTY....SISSY....SLUTTTTTTTT!" I felt my cock exploding for the second time that day as hot, wet cum flooded my satin panties and coated Auntie's fingers. I had never felt so good, so satisfied and yet, at the same time, so humiliated as I suddenly realised that not just the curtains but also my bedroom window facing the street had been left slightly open and that anyone passing by outside would no doubt have just seen and heard me cumming like a little Sissy gurl!! Auntie held up her fingers for me to lick clean then, impatiently sensing my reluctance, smeared my own sticky juices all across my painted lips until I finally opened up! Reaching down to my soiled panties, Auntie Jayne scooped up more of my hot jizz for her to taste herself. She let out a soft moan as each finger entered her mouth and I
saw her tongue slip out and lick her lips as she too savoured the flavour of my enjoyment.....

"That Darling," she told me, "was just the beginning. Just wait and see what I have in store for you next whilst I'm preparing dinner! God, I'm going to have sooo much fun with you! Your training has barely even begun...and you're already a filthy, dirty little slut! I can't wait to start unlocking your full potential!!!" My whole body trembled in excitement at what my sexy Aunt had planned for me during my stay here and I felt my little clitty getting hard again already! "Just you wait and see..." she said, feeling my excitement!! "If you enjoyed what happened just now, you are simply going to love what's cumming next you horny little bitch...."

{To Be Continued...}

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand {Part Two}

(The story so far....Daniel has been sent to stay at his sexy Auntie Jayne's for the duration of the summer whilst his mother is working overseas. Upon arriving, he discovers that he is early and that his Aunt is then going out. Daniel goes to unpack his clothes but finds his room decked out in girly satin pink and that both the wardobe and the dresser are full of girl's clothes. Whilst snooping in his Aunt's bedroom, he finds a very naughty picture of her dressed in sexy lingerie. After also discovering a pair of his Aunt's dirty panties, Daniel finds himself compelled to dress up like his Auntie in the picture and puts on her knickers, a pair of stockings, heels and a satin babydoll before proceeding to pleasure himself. He has just cum all over his stockings when he realises his Aunt is standing in the doorway taking photos....)


"Errrrrm...Auntie, I can explain I promise.." I stuttered, my heart beating fit to burst. I knew I was sooo busted and could barely take in anything she had just been saying ~had there been something about my father? I hadn't seen or heard anything of him in years! "I...I...thought you were at a photo-shoot...." I eventually stammered.

"I was," Auntie Jayne replied, "Yours! There are cameras behind every mirror filming every moment of your arrival in my bedroom. And then there's these..." she said, indicating the camera in her hand, " I'm sure with these I'll have plenty of pictures to show your mother just how much you're enjoying your stay here already...." She broke into a laugh as she heard me moaning with despair.

"Please Auntie, please," I begged, "I will do anything, anything if you don't tell my mum! Please I'm sooo sorry ~nothing like this will ever happen again!" "On the contrary," Auntie Jayne said smiling, " From now on, and for every day over the next few months that you stay here, I want you dressed like this EACH AND EVERY DAY! You've seen your bedroom..?" She didn't even wait for me to nod, "Those clothes are now yours! Your mother told me she suspected you'd been going through her drawers and wearing her underwear and thats why she didn't take you with her but sent you to me instead; she didn't know how to deal with you or confront you! I, on the other hand, have always suspected you were a Sissy and thought I'd set you a little trap. Thats why your room is full of girly clothes, my bedroom door was left open and inviting and why that photo and my dirty panties were so easy to find. I never thought I'd also catch you in stockings and heels already though...you really are a kinky little slut! I can't wait to start your training...." "Training?" I asked innocently. "Oh yes," Auntie grinned, "Training! I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about being a girl! A very sexy, naughty girl.... the kind all the boys and all the other Sissies are going to love to play with!!" She reached over and kissed me full on the lips, hard; her hand caressing me through my panties. "Don't act so frightened," she said, "We are going to have sooo much fun.....Danielle...."

{To be continued...}

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'm horny..so very, very horny....

So, there's this girl at work today who was so like totally wearing this really short skirt, black tights, Mary-Jane heels and a tight white blouse that so showed off her assets and all I could do was like keep staring at her! I have been so horny today like you would not believe. I keep coming up with scenarios and fantasies about stories I want to write on this Blog and feeling myself getting more and more aroused and turned on!! I cannot wait to share them with all you naughty secret girls!

So anyway, this girl at work ~ I
keep staring at her and all I can think about is what it must be like to wear that outfit but with stockings instead of tights and walk around with the knowledge that all the boys are staring at you and fantasising about what it might be like to be with you; just once. That would get me sooo wet and keep me right on the edge all day! This girl, she's something of a knock-out, and all I could think about was coming up behind her, slipping her panties to one side and sliding my firm cock up her wet, eager, waiting pussy. Or even better, being a girl and having someone doing it to me! Is that wrong....?

Here are some pictures I have found on the net that reflect how I have been feeling today and are inspired by today's events....Enjoy luv Sophie xxxxx

Friday, 9 April 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand....{Part One}

I was 15 when I first realised I was a Sissy. My Auntie Jayne unlocked feelings in me I had never fully acknowledged before and showed me my full potential.She was my teacher, my mentor and helped me to become the naughty, dirty Sissy Slut I am today. But I was not her first.....

My Auntie Jayne was my mum's sister and kind of regarded as the black sheep of the family. She had carved herself out a successful career as a glamour model in Lingerie before throwing it all in to indulge in the kind of centrefold photo-shoots that didn't go down too well in polite society. She had also been partly responsible for my father abandoning his family and leaving me and my mother to fend on our own when I was only little. I did not know exactly what went down, or why my father had never stayed in touch (it was never talked about), but knew that it had been something to do with my Aunt which was why relations between her and my mum were strained. To me, my Aunt was always someone erotic, something exotic ~ a women quite unlike any I had ever met before. Though in her forties, she still had an amazing figure and dressed provocatively enough to arouse the attentions of any adolescent boy. Every time she visited, which never came round enough for my liking, she would leave me feeling desperately horny, flustered and uncomfortable. Should I be having these feelings about my mum's sister, I asked myself? Was it her I was attracted to or just the way she dressed?

When mum first told me I would be staying with Auntie Jayne for the summer, it is fair to say I was more than a little surprised and not just a little bit excited. Mum had to travel overseas to work for a few months and I had been much too much to handle recently to take with her apparently and as Auntie Jayne was her only family, that left only one solution. Mum warned me that Jayne had been told by her that I needed a firm hand and that I was to do whatever she demanded without any questions. If not, Auntie Jayne had been told to punish me in any way she saw fit! My teenage mind boggled but never in my wildest teenage fantasies could I ever have imagined what was to happen....

The day I arrived, Auntie Jayne opened the door dressed as I always expected to see her; in a tight, black shiny dress (showing an overly ample amount of cleavage), black pantyhose and wickedly high heels. Her face was made up with dark, sultry mascara and her lips were painted a cheap, slutty red which desperately begged for your attention ."Hello Daniel," she breathed as I put down my bags, "Your mother says you've been a bit of a handful. Never mind, now that you're here I'm sure your Auntie Jayne can straighten you out!" She looked me up then down slowly (was she checking me out?) before turning to me and saying "Well, haven't you even got a kiss for your favourite Auntie?" My only Auntie, I thought, but dutifully put out my cheek for a peck. Taking my head in both hands, she turned my head back towards her and promptly kissed me on the lips. Hard. And was that her tongue I felt brushing against my lips? I felt something stirring in my trousers....

"You just caught me on the hop," she told me, "I wasn't expecting you until later and I have a photo-shoot booked for this afternoon. Will you be alright settling in by yourself? Your room is at the back of the house facing the street. I'll only be gone a few hours...." "Are you still modelling then?" I asked tentatively. She giggled. "No dear," she said with a naughty, wicked grin which I couldn't quite interpret, "These days I'm strictly behind the camera calling the shots! Make yourself at home and I'll see you later....if you do need to head into the town, there's a spare key in the kitchen." She brushed
out, shutting the door behind her and leaving a heady scent of perfume in her wake. Nothing had changed. I had not seen her in nearly a year but she was still as sexy as ever!

At first, walking into t
he guest bedroom, I thougt there had been some sort of a mistake! The room was all done out in girly pink with satin sheets and a little heart-shaped scatter cushion on the bedspread. Then I remembered that my Aunt's bungalow only had two bedrooms and that, as this was the only one facing the street, it definitely had to be mine. I opened up the wardrobe to put in all my clothes and found it full already. With girl's clothes! Teenage girls clothes and lots of items of silk and satin lingerie such as bustiers and corsets. Opening the chest of drawers prompted similar results; every drawer was full of bras, naughty knickers, stockings and suspender belts. A part of me began getting excited, at the same time as a part of me started to feel dread. My Aunt had known I was coming, so why hadn't the room been gotten ready for me?

Feeling more than a little bit perturbed, I walked across the hall to my Aunt's bedroom. This was similarly decked out in silk and satin but this time the theme was black. A bookshelf had been mounted in the wall above the bed and idly I reached up, pulled down a title and collapsed upon the sheets. My first shock was that the ceiling was mirrored ~ I could see myself reflected lying there on my Aunt's bed! The second shock came when I realised I was laying on a water bed and the third shock came when I looked at the title I held in my hands. It was one of those erotic Black Lace style books, pornography for women basically but a lot more hard-core than normal, and the cover featured the picture of a young male, dressed in stockings and suspenders and heavily made up, being fucked by a busty blonde with a dildo. Opening the book revealed several photos similar to the cover spread throughout the text. Though initially disgusted, ashamedly I also found myself starting to get aroused. Then, about half-way through the book, I came across a personal photo loosely stuck between the pages. Pulling it out, I was shocked to see it was my Aunt!!

Auntie Jane was sitting on one of the chairs of her living room and wearing very little!! Black stockings and strappy heels adorned both her widely spread legs and a red satin bustier barely contained her very heavy cleavage. She wasn't wearing any panties, and looked to be heavily aroused as though she had just finished teasing and playing with her pussy. Black nylon gloves covered both her arms and in her hands she held a big, black dildo that sat between her breasts. One finger rested in her mouth between her sensuous, heavily painted, cock-sucking lips and she had a look in her eyes that suggested she was looking straight at the camera; straight, in fact, at me....I had never ever seen her looking as sexy as she did then and knew this must be one of the photos that had seen her being ostracised from her immediate family. Even though I knew it was wrong, god that picture turned me on!! I had only ever seen images like this a few times before in my whole life and the last time my mother had discovered my stash of pornographic magazines, about ten days ago now, she had burnt them all; walking away from me with a look of sheer disgust on her face. That time, I remembered, I had been too grateful that she hadn't also found the pair of knickers of hers I had "borrowed" from the laundry basket to speak out in protest!! God knew what she would've said if she had also found her dirty panties next to my small stash of porn!!!

I reached down as I lay on the bed and tried to ease my discomfort (my cock by now straining for release) and as I did so, I moved my hand behind me to adjust the pillows to a more comfortable position and made yet another discovery!! Tucked inbetween the two bedroom pillows was a pair of Auntie's panties and a sexy satin baby-doll! This must be what she wore to bed!! I'm not sure what possessed me, but so
mething made me lift the panties to my face. A heady, musky aroma met my nostrils and with a moan, I realised they had been used! I suppose, in hindsight, I should have thought about why they were there (I mean why keep dirty panties under your pillow?) but I never even considered the fact that they had been left there deliberately for me to find! I let my tongue flick out and lick along the inside of the panties and again let out a little moan as I realised I was tasting Auntie's pussy! Something deep inside me stirred and I felt compelled to undress and put the panties on! I needed suddenly to feel that cool, sexy satin against my cock and as I looked again at Auntie's picture, I felt my hesitation wavering. Auntie would be gone for hours yet and she would never know. Quickly I pulled the curtains and proceeded to undress....

Within seconds, I had taken off my male clothes and had pulled the satin knickers up against my straining erection. Slipping on the baby-doll, I ran my fingers down the sexy material, letting out a soft moan
as I felt my nipples harden. I felt so wanton, so naughty....so dirty ~ but it wasn't enough! I suddenly had this need, this compulsion to look like Auntie Jayne in the photo and so, searching through her bedroom drawers, kept looking untill I found a pair of sheer black stockings. With trembling hands and a lot of patience, I slowly slipped the stockings up my legs then quickly found myself looking in the wardrobe for some heels to finish off my outfit. I saw a pair that looked perfect and, with little doubt that they would ever in a million years fit, slipped them on my feet. Done up, they did feel really tight and were obviously a size too small but, strangely they fit and that just excited me even more!! Collapsing on the bed, I reached over, picked up Auntie's photo and began eagerly stroking myself through my naughty Aunt's sexy lingerie. "Ooooh Auntie," I moaned, "Fuck me Auntie, fuck me....fuck your naughty nephew, make him cum.....oh Auntie, oooh Auntie....I'm such a naughty boy Auntie...fuuuuck me!!" I felt myself coming to the brim and pulled my cock out of my Auntie's dirty panties just in time to explode hot cum all over my stocking-clad legs. With one hand I reached down, wet my finger in my juices and slipped it between my lips.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and I realised with shock and utter dismay that Auntie Jayne was standing in the doorway of the bedroom with camera in hand, taking pictures of me lying on her bed; dressed up to the nines in her lingerie, her stockings soaked with cum!! "You really are a dirty, naughty little slut aren't you.." she said, a wry smile forming on her lips. "You just couldn't wait could you, you naughty girl. Just like your father..... I am going to have sooo much fun with you..."

{To be continued...}