Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part Three)

I don't know how long I sat there tied to my chair, struggling against my bonds; my butt plug still vibrating inside of me keeping me permanently horny and aroused, images of naughty bimbo sluts sucking cock and pleasuring themselves flashing across the screen in front of me; my Auntie Jayne's used pantyhose stretched over my head, her wet panties stuffed in my mouth, gagging my moans of pleasure! But at some stage, unbeknownst to me, Auntie Jayne had walked back in the room and began observing my predicament!! She had set me up in what she called "My first proper Sissy Training Session" and now began fondling and fingering her tight, wet pussy as she watched me struggling futilely in my bonds, trying to bring myself off! I only became aware of her presence when she switched off the DVD she was making me watch and stopped the butt-plug vibrating in my Sissy pussy!

"Oh my naughty little Sissy neice, I'll just bet you're feeling horny now, aren't you?" Auntie Jayne teased me as she pulled off my pantyhose hood. "I'll just bet you're dying for your Auntie to let you cum, aren't you Sissy?" She smiled a wicked smile as she next removed my panty gag from out my painted mouth. I was ashamed to feel a little bit of drool fall from my lips and tried to stop myself from moaning in pleasure a
t the sudden sense of relief I felt at being ungagged! One of Auntie's hands slipped up beneath my dress and, as she untied me from the chair, I felt one solitary fingernail running itself up and down my rock hard, pantied clit! "Ooooh god, oooh god, oh...Auntie, pleasssse" I moaned as I now felt her sliding her nail slowly across its tip. "You like that don't you Sissy?" She asked me, "Feels good doesn't it you naughty, dirty Slut! I bet Danielle would love to have cummies right about now, wouldn't she? But first, it's time to take care of Auntie!!"

Pulling me from the chair, Auntie now pushed me roughly to the floor. Squatting above me, she slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy down onto my face. She had changed her knickers, af
ter using her last pair on me as a gag, and this pair was of a lace material that had been made almost transparent by her moist, wet juices! Putting both hands on the cheeks of her arse, I pulled her down onto my willing, waiting tongue, knowing exactly what it was she wanted, and began eagerly licking her hot pussy through her panties...I had never done anything like this before but judging from Auntie's moans and gasps I was obviously doing something right! "Ooooh god, oooh god, Danielle....oh just there...oooh lick me harder" I heard her cry as I pushed her panties to one side and sucked upon her labia. She began grinding her pussy down on my face harder and harder as she urged me to push my tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. "Oh god that's it! Oooooh god....Oh Danieeeeellllee!" All I could smell, all I could taste was my Auntie's sweet, hot juices and just knowing that it was me that was doing this to her, me that was driving her so crazy with desire, aroused me even more than I had thought was possible. Just as I thought this, I felt her hands move down and begin stroking me through my satin pantied thong! There was a second when they pulled away, but then they were back as Auntie pushed down my panties and something cold, wet and slippery slid over my clitty. I barely had time to wonder why Auntie had put a condom on me before I felt her mouth engorging my swollen, aching cock. I felt her lips moving up and down my shaft as we sixty-nined each other and our joint moans of pleasure only served to turn us both on more! Our pace increased; her mouth moving more furiously up and down my clitty, my tongue licking in and out of her hot, wet pussy and across her clit driving her half-mad with lust and it was not long before we were both screaming in mutual orgasm! Fully spent, we both collapsed, exhausted. Auntie Jayne's hand reached down and began stroking my nylon-clad legs through my now-laddered stockings whilst I caressed her smooth bottom through the soft material of her knickers....

"Oh....Danielle," She purred, sliding off me, taking the now-used condom and tying it in a knot. "You really know how to make your Auntie happy, don't you! I think we're both going to get something very special out of your stay here!"

{To Be Continued...}