Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A few sexy little pictures to keep you going...

While I put the finishing touches to my latest installment of Auntie's naughty antics, I have managed to find a few more sexy photos that really turn me on and get me excited! Hopefully this will keep all you naughty girls out there temporarily sated until Auntie Jayne returns....which will not be long I promise you! xxx Sophie xxx


  1. sofie dearest,

    this sissy really appreciates that you have choosen a picture of sissy moan's Miss Gunilla to keep us going (not really Her but very close to it)! It makes her feel so wonderful familiar with your stories ... just as if she would be a part of them. And as hot as they are sissy moan in fact would love to play a major role in them.

    Thank you for making her so very hot!

    sissy moan

  2. Like, OhMyGawd!!! Who is the redheaded trollop in the corset???