Friday, 9 April 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand....{Part One}

I was 15 when I first realised I was a Sissy. My Auntie Jayne unlocked feelings in me I had never fully acknowledged before and showed me my full potential.She was my teacher, my mentor and helped me to become the naughty, dirty Sissy Slut I am today. But I was not her first.....

My Auntie Jayne was my mum's sister and kind of regarded as the black sheep of the family. She had carved herself out a successful career as a glamour model in Lingerie before throwing it all in to indulge in the kind of centrefold photo-shoots that didn't go down too well in polite society. She had also been partly responsible for my father abandoning his family and leaving me and my mother to fend on our own when I was only little. I did not know exactly what went down, or why my father had never stayed in touch (it was never talked about), but knew that it had been something to do with my Aunt which was why relations between her and my mum were strained. To me, my Aunt was always someone erotic, something exotic ~ a women quite unlike any I had ever met before. Though in her forties, she still had an amazing figure and dressed provocatively enough to arouse the attentions of any adolescent boy. Every time she visited, which never came round enough for my liking, she would leave me feeling desperately horny, flustered and uncomfortable. Should I be having these feelings about my mum's sister, I asked myself? Was it her I was attracted to or just the way she dressed?

When mum first told me I would be staying with Auntie Jayne for the summer, it is fair to say I was more than a little surprised and not just a little bit excited. Mum had to travel overseas to work for a few months and I had been much too much to handle recently to take with her apparently and as Auntie Jayne was her only family, that left only one solution. Mum warned me that Jayne had been told by her that I needed a firm hand and that I was to do whatever she demanded without any questions. If not, Auntie Jayne had been told to punish me in any way she saw fit! My teenage mind boggled but never in my wildest teenage fantasies could I ever have imagined what was to happen....

The day I arrived, Auntie Jayne opened the door dressed as I always expected to see her; in a tight, black shiny dress (showing an overly ample amount of cleavage), black pantyhose and wickedly high heels. Her face was made up with dark, sultry mascara and her lips were painted a cheap, slutty red which desperately begged for your attention ."Hello Daniel," she breathed as I put down my bags, "Your mother says you've been a bit of a handful. Never mind, now that you're here I'm sure your Auntie Jayne can straighten you out!" She looked me up then down slowly (was she checking me out?) before turning to me and saying "Well, haven't you even got a kiss for your favourite Auntie?" My only Auntie, I thought, but dutifully put out my cheek for a peck. Taking my head in both hands, she turned my head back towards her and promptly kissed me on the lips. Hard. And was that her tongue I felt brushing against my lips? I felt something stirring in my trousers....

"You just caught me on the hop," she told me, "I wasn't expecting you until later and I have a photo-shoot booked for this afternoon. Will you be alright settling in by yourself? Your room is at the back of the house facing the street. I'll only be gone a few hours...." "Are you still modelling then?" I asked tentatively. She giggled. "No dear," she said with a naughty, wicked grin which I couldn't quite interpret, "These days I'm strictly behind the camera calling the shots! Make yourself at home and I'll see you later....if you do need to head into the town, there's a spare key in the kitchen." She brushed
out, shutting the door behind her and leaving a heady scent of perfume in her wake. Nothing had changed. I had not seen her in nearly a year but she was still as sexy as ever!

At first, walking into t
he guest bedroom, I thougt there had been some sort of a mistake! The room was all done out in girly pink with satin sheets and a little heart-shaped scatter cushion on the bedspread. Then I remembered that my Aunt's bungalow only had two bedrooms and that, as this was the only one facing the street, it definitely had to be mine. I opened up the wardrobe to put in all my clothes and found it full already. With girl's clothes! Teenage girls clothes and lots of items of silk and satin lingerie such as bustiers and corsets. Opening the chest of drawers prompted similar results; every drawer was full of bras, naughty knickers, stockings and suspender belts. A part of me began getting excited, at the same time as a part of me started to feel dread. My Aunt had known I was coming, so why hadn't the room been gotten ready for me?

Feeling more than a little bit perturbed, I walked across the hall to my Aunt's bedroom. This was similarly decked out in silk and satin but this time the theme was black. A bookshelf had been mounted in the wall above the bed and idly I reached up, pulled down a title and collapsed upon the sheets. My first shock was that the ceiling was mirrored ~ I could see myself reflected lying there on my Aunt's bed! The second shock came when I realised I was laying on a water bed and the third shock came when I looked at the title I held in my hands. It was one of those erotic Black Lace style books, pornography for women basically but a lot more hard-core than normal, and the cover featured the picture of a young male, dressed in stockings and suspenders and heavily made up, being fucked by a busty blonde with a dildo. Opening the book revealed several photos similar to the cover spread throughout the text. Though initially disgusted, ashamedly I also found myself starting to get aroused. Then, about half-way through the book, I came across a personal photo loosely stuck between the pages. Pulling it out, I was shocked to see it was my Aunt!!

Auntie Jane was sitting on one of the chairs of her living room and wearing very little!! Black stockings and strappy heels adorned both her widely spread legs and a red satin bustier barely contained her very heavy cleavage. She wasn't wearing any panties, and looked to be heavily aroused as though she had just finished teasing and playing with her pussy. Black nylon gloves covered both her arms and in her hands she held a big, black dildo that sat between her breasts. One finger rested in her mouth between her sensuous, heavily painted, cock-sucking lips and she had a look in her eyes that suggested she was looking straight at the camera; straight, in fact, at me....I had never ever seen her looking as sexy as she did then and knew this must be one of the photos that had seen her being ostracised from her immediate family. Even though I knew it was wrong, god that picture turned me on!! I had only ever seen images like this a few times before in my whole life and the last time my mother had discovered my stash of pornographic magazines, about ten days ago now, she had burnt them all; walking away from me with a look of sheer disgust on her face. That time, I remembered, I had been too grateful that she hadn't also found the pair of knickers of hers I had "borrowed" from the laundry basket to speak out in protest!! God knew what she would've said if she had also found her dirty panties next to my small stash of porn!!!

I reached down as I lay on the bed and tried to ease my discomfort (my cock by now straining for release) and as I did so, I moved my hand behind me to adjust the pillows to a more comfortable position and made yet another discovery!! Tucked inbetween the two bedroom pillows was a pair of Auntie's panties and a sexy satin baby-doll! This must be what she wore to bed!! I'm not sure what possessed me, but so
mething made me lift the panties to my face. A heady, musky aroma met my nostrils and with a moan, I realised they had been used! I suppose, in hindsight, I should have thought about why they were there (I mean why keep dirty panties under your pillow?) but I never even considered the fact that they had been left there deliberately for me to find! I let my tongue flick out and lick along the inside of the panties and again let out a little moan as I realised I was tasting Auntie's pussy! Something deep inside me stirred and I felt compelled to undress and put the panties on! I needed suddenly to feel that cool, sexy satin against my cock and as I looked again at Auntie's picture, I felt my hesitation wavering. Auntie would be gone for hours yet and she would never know. Quickly I pulled the curtains and proceeded to undress....

Within seconds, I had taken off my male clothes and had pulled the satin knickers up against my straining erection. Slipping on the baby-doll, I ran my fingers down the sexy material, letting out a soft moan
as I felt my nipples harden. I felt so wanton, so dirty ~ but it wasn't enough! I suddenly had this need, this compulsion to look like Auntie Jayne in the photo and so, searching through her bedroom drawers, kept looking untill I found a pair of sheer black stockings. With trembling hands and a lot of patience, I slowly slipped the stockings up my legs then quickly found myself looking in the wardrobe for some heels to finish off my outfit. I saw a pair that looked perfect and, with little doubt that they would ever in a million years fit, slipped them on my feet. Done up, they did feel really tight and were obviously a size too small but, strangely they fit and that just excited me even more!! Collapsing on the bed, I reached over, picked up Auntie's photo and began eagerly stroking myself through my naughty Aunt's sexy lingerie. "Ooooh Auntie," I moaned, "Fuck me Auntie, fuck me....fuck your naughty nephew, make him cum.....oh Auntie, oooh Auntie....I'm such a naughty boy Auntie...fuuuuck me!!" I felt myself coming to the brim and pulled my cock out of my Auntie's dirty panties just in time to explode hot cum all over my stocking-clad legs. With one hand I reached down, wet my finger in my juices and slipped it between my lips.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and I realised with shock and utter dismay that Auntie Jayne was standing in the doorway of the bedroom with camera in hand, taking pictures of me lying on her bed; dressed up to the nines in her lingerie, her stockings soaked with cum!! "You really are a dirty, naughty little slut aren't you.." she said, a wry smile forming on her lips. "You just couldn't wait could you, you naughty girl. Just like your father..... I am going to have sooo much fun with you..."

{To be continued...}

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