Sunday, 25 April 2010

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part Two)

Previously: I had been sent to stay at my sexy Auntie Jayne's for a few months whilst my mother was working away overseas. I had only been here for a few hours but already I had been caught pleasuring myself in my Aunt's panties, had been forced to dress in sexy white lingerie and heels, had my face made up to look like a Sissy girl and been teased to orgasm by my Aunt who then forced me to admit I was a dirty, Sissy Slut! From now on, she told me, I would be known simply as Danielle...

Now, not only was I locked and trapped in heels, a butt-plug held tight inside of me by a combination of a satin thong, wet with my own cum, and a tight, clingy dress but also I had my hands handcuffed in front of me. "But Auntie, please" I begged, confused, "what did I do wrong. I've done everything you asked of me! Why are you punishing me?" "Stupid sissy," Auntie Jayne replied, "This isn't punishment, this is just the beginning of your next set of training! How does it feel knowing that you're trapped you naughty, naughty girl?" With one hand, she reached up and pulled down her own soaking wet pantyhose and panties. "How does it feel knowing I've got you exactly where I want you, you dirty, horny bitch?"

{Part Two}
"Do you know how wet you've gotten me you dirty, filthy Slut?" Auntie Jayne asked as she came up close enough to kiss me. "Do you know how much training you to be a naughty, dirty Sissy is turning me on? Give me your hand baby and feel how wet you've made your naughty Auntie's pussy. Feel how wet I'm getting just standing here talking to you now!" She grabbed one of my cuffed hands and slipped it up her skimpy black mini dress. I felt my fingers brush something hot, wet and slippery and heard her moan as one of my fingers slipped briefly inside of her. "Oooooh God, yes, finger me...finger my tight, wet pussy Danielle..." She began, grinding herself down upon my hand...."Ooooh yesssss, fuck me with those naughty fingers..." Auntie Jayne shuddered in mini orgasm then reached down and took my hand out from under her dress. Raising it to her mouth, she licked the juices from each of my fingers in turn.

"Open your mouth," Auntie Jayne told me but, not knowing quite what to expect, I hesitated. Her hand lashed out, slapping me hard across the face and stinging my cheek. "Open your fucking mouth, Sissy!" she told me again and this time I acquiesced! "Auntie's got a tasty special treat in store for you," she told me and slipped her wet panties into my mouth, using them as a gag! "A very special treat!" She stretched out her pantyhose and pulled it over my head. Suddenly my vision was reduced and all I could smell was my naughty, sexy Auntie all around me. In my mouth, I could taste her pussy and in my nose, all I could smell was Auntie Jayne's intoxicating scent. I had never been so turned on in all my life and yet had also never felt so helpless all at the same time!!

Auntie turned me around, pushed me out into the hall and then down into the lounge. With every step, I could feel my plug moving inside of me and as I walked, I could not help but whimper and moan through my panty gag with little gasps of pleasure. Auntie heard and, with a smile, began stroking my bottom, shamelessly teasing and playing with the plug inside of me even more! Part of me was frightened at what was coming next but another shameful part of had never been so aroused! I had been here only a few hours now but in that time, I had had more sexual experience with my Aunt than I could ever have imagined possible. Reaching the lounge, Auntie pushed me into a chair then, fetching a coil of rope from under the seat, proceeded to tie me to it. The pressure of the plug in my bottom had increased as I sat down and now I wriggled my arse in a desperate bid to get comfortable which only made me moan and gasp even more with barely suppressed pleasure! "Auntie has to go and make dinner soon," she told me as she held me still and tightened the ropes that now held me trapped in the seat, "but while I'm gone, I want you to continue your training! It's time you learnt what being a Sissy is all about!" She picked up a couple of remote controls from a nearby table. Pushing a button on the first remote caused the plug inside of me start to move as it slowly began to pulse and vibrate, sending incredible sensations all through my body. Again, I found myself whimpering and moaning as any movement caused my aching clitty in the front to be caressed by the tight, wet satin of my thong! All I wanted to do was touch myself but Auntie had forbidden it as well as handcuffing me and tying me to this chair! Desperately, I wondered if I could possibly manage to make myself cum without actually touching?

Pushing a button on the second remote, Auntie activated a DVD that had been sitting, waiting to be watched. "This is a little training video that some friends made for me," Auntie told me, "I hope you enjoy you naughty little Sissy....I'll be back when dinner's ready!" She walked out into the hall, headed for the kitchen at the back of the house, chuckling to herself as she did so and leaving me to sit and struggle against my bonds as waves of pleasure gently pulsed through me! I breathed in the delicious smell of her pantyhose, my mouth filled with the taste of Auntie's pussy through the sodden gag of her panties, as the recording on the DVD slowly started to play....

A series of bimbo images flashed across the screen accompanied by the sounds of Aqua's Barbie Girl. There were pictures of naughty Bimbo Sluts going down on hard, erect cocks and dressed in all manner and variety of erotic outfits. The whole emphasis of the DVD seemed to be aimed at not just training me into becoming a naughty Bimbo Sissy Slut but also wanting the transistion to take place! As I watched, I could quite literally feel my male personality slipping away only to be replaced by something else; something much more feminine, wanton and wicked!! With every throb of the plug inside me, I found myself moaning louder and louder into my gag. All I could do to distract myself was try and concentrate on the images in fron
t of me as they flashed across the screen but the more I watched, the more hornier and aroused I got!! I found myself wanting to be one of the girls in the video; I wanted to be a brainless, bimbo slut! I wanted to feel a big, hard cock sliding in and out of my hot, wet pussy while another slid between my heavily painted lips and into my moist, willing mouth. I wanted to be sucked and fucked into oblivion and treated like the dirty, naughty slut I so obviously was! A part of me still felt ashamed and disgusted at the thoughts, feelings and emotions currently running through my head and at everything that had happened to me today but this small area of my brain was rapidly being drowned out by the sheer weight of horniness and arousal my body was feeling right now! Without realising it, I had begun thrusting myself forwards in time with the vibrations of my plug and was pumping my clitty in my tight wet panties. I was rapidly losing control of myself as the subliminal images flashing before me started working on my brain and though my clitty begged for release, I simultaneously began praying desperately that I wouldn't cum without Auntie's permission. After everything I had gone through today since arriving, I certainly didn't want to be punished! Auntie Jayne was already well on the way to force-femming me and moulding me in her desired image, the last thing I wanted to do was make her mad. And yet, it was so hard....and I was soooo very, very close. Right on the edge in fact! As close as I could be without touching!!!

My muffled moans began to build in intensity as my body ached for its final release. I was sounding more and more like a Sissy gurl with every cry of pleasure and sudden
ly I realised I no longer cared......

{To Be Continued...}


  1. Dear your blog..especially barbie vid..did download but i've since lost my laptop..and it isn't there now. Weally do miss it..wonder if you can help out a distressed barbie you have a spare vid or know where i could put my hand on one? If its not to much trouble i can be reached at this email - i know..really should change my email add. Lookforward to hearing from you..many thanx nikki x

  2. I pulled the plug teeth.
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