Saturday, 17 April 2010

Auntie Jayne's training of her Sissy Slut niece (Part One)

Previously: Whilst my mother was working away overseas, I had been sent to stay at my sexy Auntie Jayne's. Left to my own devices, I had been puzzled to discover that the guest bedroom had all been laid out as though for a girl's arrival. Going on to explore my Auntie Jayne's room, I discovered a very naughty photo of my Aunt and a pair of her used panties. After dressing up in some of her very sexy lingerie, I was then caught pleasuring myself when my Aunt came home unexpectedly. But, rather than being annoyed, Auntie Jayne had actually seemed quite turned on by what she saw and almost unsurprised to find me in such a compromised position.

Now, she had dressed me once again in sexy white lingerie and heels, made up my face to look like a girl, degraded me and told me that I was to be trained as a dirty, Sissy Slut! From now on, I would be known simply as Danielle...

I was still bent over the dressing table, dressed as a girl, with my arse in the air after Auntie Jayne had finished fingering me and bringing me to my second explosive orgasm of the day! My white satin panties were all sticky from my juices and now as I stood there, Auntie slipped her hand inside my knickers again and scooped what was left of of my hot, wet cum onto her fingers. Bringing her hand around towards my bottom, she slipped her fingers down between my arse cheeks and proceeded to smear my own love juices across my rosebud; mixing them in with the lube that still resided there from a few moments ago. I let out a soft moan as, once again, I felt her fingers slip inside of me except this time they were coated with my own hot, sticky cum! "Feel that you dirty little Sissy..." Auntie Jayne whispered in my ear, " That's your own juices I'm sliding in your pussy. I've made you cum like a girl," she continued, "Now for the next part of your training, it's time to get fucked like a girl!!" Her free hand reached over and opened the drawer closest to her in the bedroom dresser and pulled something out quickly before I could see in the mirror exactly what it was. A second later, I found out!!

I remember feeling a t
inge of disappointment as I felt her fingers departing from my boi pussy and a sudden sense of emptiness....but that didn't last for long. One second I was aware of something cool, hard and plastic sliding down between my butt cheeks and then, all of a sudden, I was filled like I had never felt before by something firm, hard and invasive! I could feel my bottom being stretched as it tried desperately to accommodate what was being slipped inside my passage and I had to bite down on my fingers in order to prevent myself from moaning out in what was a combination of extreme, shameful delight at being filled and total discomfort at the pressure building up inside of me. "Oooooh God, Auntie Jayne," I gasped, "It's too big...I...I... can't take it! You're tearing me in two....Oh God, Auntie Jayne...oh please...oh Goddddddd!" This last, as I felt whatever she was putting in me slip deeper and further than I had ever imagined possible!! "Don't be such a pussy," Auntie told me sternly as she pulled up the back of my knickers, the tight string of my thong pushing my new butt-plug in even further, causing me to moan with guilty wanton pleasure. "This is just to start with, before you're finally done, your plugs are going to get much, much bigger! How does it feel to have your naughty boi pusssy properly filled, eh you dirty little bitch?" I slowly moved my hands down my body, finally coming to rest on my bottom, pushing in the plug and making it move still deeper inside me. "Oh Goddd," I moaned, "My name is Danielle and I AM a dirty, horny little slut..." The truth of those words finally sunk in as I realised what I was becoming, what in fact I had probably been all along hidden deep beneath the surface and a tremendous feeling of shame started to wash over me. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why was I behaving like this...?

Auntie Jayne had moved to the wardrobe, a satisfied look upon her face as though she knew what I was thinking, and had pulled out a short, short clingy dress which she now thrust towards me. "Put this on," she commanded and something in her voice told me I had better do as she said. But every step now moved the plug about inside of me and the sensations it was arousing were driving me crazy with sheer lust and horniness. I thought about my own cum which was even now inside of my boi pussy and soaking the front of my thighs through my tight satin thong and it was all I could do to keep control. Unsteadily, I stepped into the dress and Auntie pulled it up around me and zipped me up tightly in back. There was a sharp click as she did so and it took a couple of seconds to realise she had locked me in! The top of the dress ended in a padlock which trapped me securely in bondage. There was no getting out until Auntie decided to unlock me!! I was just comprehending what this meant when, with another series of clicks, I realised Auntie Jayne had bent down and locked both my heels as well! Auntie had me trapped not just in this tight clingy dress but also in my heels! I was just about to protest when Auntie seized both hands in front of me and fitted a third and final set of handcuffs before I could even think to react! Now, not only was I locked and trapped in heels, a butt-plug held tight inside of me by a combination of my wet satin thong and my tight, clingy dress but also I had my hands handcuffed in front of me. "But Auntie please," I begged confused, "what did I do wrong. I've done everything you asked of me! Why are you punishing me?" "Stupid sissy," Auntie Jayne replied, "This isn't punishment, this is just the beginning of your next set of training! How does it feel knowing that you're trapped you naughty, naughty girl?" With one hand, she reached up and pulled down her own soaking wet pantyhose and panties. "How does it feel knowing I've got you exactly where I want you, you dirty, horny bitch?"

{To Be Continued...}

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