Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The burning question....

One of the girls at work today asked a couple of us guys "If you had to have sex with a man, would you be a giver or a taker?" Of course I had to say "Giver" because I couldn't have anyone knowing my secret sissy fantasies but deep inside I was picturing myself painted and dressed, wearing stockings and heels being fucked from behind whilst I sucked on a big, black dildo! Then I thought actually would it be sooo bad to be a Giver? Picture this...I have been transformed into a naughty Shemale Slut and am now being forced to initiate and break in a new Sissy by my Mistress! I have been promised my freedom if I can break this new sissys will and force her to accept that her new life is as a submissive boi toy, a plaything to be used only by other sissy sluts! I have to fuck her until she starts moaning like a girl then cum all over her face and make her lick up my juices. Only thing is, I have been lied to. There is never going to be any freedom and I am destined to carry on breaking in lots of other sissies for my Mistress in the future....Hmmmm, what a lucky sissy....xxxx Sophie xxxx

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