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Tranny Day Care....

Tranny Day Care

You've been cross-dressing in secret for ages, slipping into your wife's clothing whenever you're alone and then going online to chat to other Sissies like yourself but you've never gone out in public. Until now....

From discussions in a Private chat-room, you start to hear about this Club. A place where naughty Sissie's like you can go to to have fun whilst their wives' are at work. They call it Club Sandi and it's a kind of Tranny Day Care where Sissies can go, during the day, to meet up with other Sexy Sluts like themselves to dance, have fun and hang out like proper girlie girls do. You find out the address and, after much deliberation, decide to pay this club a visit. A whole group of other Sissies that you chat to are all going together and, shyly, you ask to tag along. 

Finally the big day arrives. Your wife is working late this evening so you have plenty of time to get home and change before she comes home and wonders where you have been all day. One of your fellow Sissies offers to come over and help get you ready and you readily agree. You want to look your best for your big Sissy debut! 

When you look in the mirror, you are stunned. You never thought you would ever look so sexy! Even your gurl friend thinks you're pretty hot and she helped you with your transformation.

The other gurls have ordered a Limousine to take you to the club and you soon find yourself relaxing and feeling less nervous amongst all these other naughty Sissy husbands cumming out to play. The club is in a quiet part of town so hardly anyone will notice you arrive and most of them know what the club is at any rate. Some of the other gurls are talking about whether their wives' know what they're up to and how they first discovered they were Sissies. Thankfully, you arrive at the club before you have to share your own story....

 As you walk in the door, you quickly realize that this is not like any club you have ever been to in your life! There are Sissy gurls everywhere in various states of undress, being fondled and groped and tongued right out in the open where everyone can see. As you walk through the crowd, you find yourself getting more and more turned on and, as you realize this, you begin to strut your stuff hoping some lucky boi or gurl might notice you! You find yourself realizing that this is what has been missing all this time from your fantasies. YOU want to be the centre of attention for a change. Not your wife

You are not long at the bar when you feel your gurl friend slipping up behind you. She has quickly noticed how horny you are with all these other Sissies and hot studs around you. "I want to introduce you to a friend..." she whispers in your ear..."I'm...n..not sure...." you answer back nervously but it is too late, she is already gone....

Soon her "friend" returns and asks you to dance. You're not sure if someone has slipped something in your drink to relax you but suddenly you don't care. You are incredibly horny and you NEED to do something about it....your hand slips down to his crotch, unbuttons his flies and begins stroking his hard member as he eagerly slips his tongue down your throat and pulls you tighter towards him.

It is not long before the inevitable occurs and you find your mouth wrapped around his cock. You don't care you are on display. You don't care that all the other naughty Sissy husbands you came with are watching you, you just need to feel his big, hard cock in your mouth. You, you need to make him cum. Until you do, you know you are just playing at being a Sissy...this is your big test; this is your chance to prove what a great big Sissy Slut you really are!

He pulls out of your mouth as you moan in protest. "Let's take this into the back..."  he tells you, "There are some Private rooms back there and I want to take my Sissy's cherry without an audience watching!"

 Five minutes later, you are gasping and moaning again as you feel yourself cumming in your panties as your "Daddy" fucks his "Little Sissy Bitch" to orgasm. One thing is for certain, this may be your first visit to the Tranny Day Care here at Club Sandi but it isn't going to be your last! You wonder if all the other naughty Sissy husbands are having this much fun and why you didn't cum here sooner.....

(to be continued?)

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