Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand {Part Two}

(The story so far....Daniel has been sent to stay at his sexy Auntie Jayne's for the duration of the summer whilst his mother is working overseas. Upon arriving, he discovers that he is early and that his Aunt is then going out. Daniel goes to unpack his clothes but finds his room decked out in girly satin pink and that both the wardobe and the dresser are full of girl's clothes. Whilst snooping in his Aunt's bedroom, he finds a very naughty picture of her dressed in sexy lingerie. After also discovering a pair of his Aunt's dirty panties, Daniel finds himself compelled to dress up like his Auntie in the picture and puts on her knickers, a pair of stockings, heels and a satin babydoll before proceeding to pleasure himself. He has just cum all over his stockings when he realises his Aunt is standing in the doorway taking photos....)


"Errrrrm...Auntie, I can explain I promise.." I stuttered, my heart beating fit to burst. I knew I was sooo busted and could barely take in anything she had just been saying ~had there been something about my father? I hadn't seen or heard anything of him in years! "I...I...thought you were at a photo-shoot...." I eventually stammered.

"I was," Auntie Jayne replied, "Yours! There are cameras behind every mirror filming every moment of your arrival in my bedroom. And then there's these..." she said, indicating the camera in her hand, " I'm sure with these I'll have plenty of pictures to show your mother just how much you're enjoying your stay here already...." She broke into a laugh as she heard me moaning with despair.

"Please Auntie, please," I begged, "I will do anything, anything if you don't tell my mum! Please I'm sooo sorry ~nothing like this will ever happen again!" "On the contrary," Auntie Jayne said smiling, " From now on, and for every day over the next few months that you stay here, I want you dressed like this EACH AND EVERY DAY! You've seen your bedroom..?" She didn't even wait for me to nod, "Those clothes are now yours! Your mother told me she suspected you'd been going through her drawers and wearing her underwear and thats why she didn't take you with her but sent you to me instead; she didn't know how to deal with you or confront you! I, on the other hand, have always suspected you were a Sissy and thought I'd set you a little trap. Thats why your room is full of girly clothes, my bedroom door was left open and inviting and why that photo and my dirty panties were so easy to find. I never thought I'd also catch you in stockings and heels already really are a kinky little slut! I can't wait to start your training...." "Training?" I asked innocently. "Oh yes," Auntie grinned, "Training! I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about being a girl! A very sexy, naughty girl.... the kind all the boys and all the other Sissies are going to love to play with!!" She reached over and kissed me full on the lips, hard; her hand caressing me through my panties. "Don't act so frightened," she said, "We are going to have sooo much fun.....Danielle...."

{To be continued...}

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