Friday, 6 August 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Six)

When Shauna Marie (formerly Tom) woke up the next morning, still dressed in her naughty lingerie, she remembered the events of the day before as all some kind of hazy dream! She seemed to recall agreeing to a bet with her girlfriend, Tina, that she couldn't live as a female for ten days and convince everyone at an upcoming office Halloween party that she was a woman. She also had brief recollection of her girlfriend's best friend coming over and doing her make-up before helping her to get dressed as sexily as possible. And then, after a day of rigorous training in how to walk and talk like a woman, Shaua vaguely remembered watching some shemale porn whilst licking her own cum off of a shiny, plastic dildo and fingering her girlfriend's pussy. Remembering all this, Shauna felt herself starting to get aroused and wondered where her girlfriend, Tina had got to.

Getting out of bed and moving towards the hall, Shauna could hear voices. It was only as she approached the bedroom door that she realised Tina was on the phone! And that while she was talking, she was also playing with her pussy!!

"Oh yes Dr.Polly," Tina was saying, "the MP3 recordings you emailed over were very helpful. Shauna Marie seems to be taking to her new conditioning very well! Why, by just last night, she was starting to act more feminine and was near totally compliant. Yes, she took the pills with no argument too! Yes, I really do think she is starting to enjoy being dressed as a woman. Why yes, of course I will bring pictures when I come for my next session!" As she hung up the phone, Tina absent mindly licked her fingers tasting her own juices and letting out a soft moan....watching her, Shauna Marie knew her girlfriend was excited but waited until she had left the hall before walking out into the flat and across to the kitchen.

"Who was that on the phone?" Shauna asked, startling her girlfriend who spun round guiltily. " one," Tina hesitantly replied, "Just some sales call....silly really. What a time to call!" Tina's breath was heavy and Shauna could see her girlfriend's nipples hard and erect, poking through the tight satin of her night robe in an obvious sign of arousal. "Hmm...looks like someone else is up early," Tina teased as, giving her new lesbian fuck toy a once-over, she noticed Shauna's own obvious signs of excitment. Without a second glance, Tina  moved over to Shauna and, shoving her tongue deep into Shauna's mouth, thrust her hand down her girlfriend's panties and began playing with her hardening clitty causing Shauna to moan and whimper. Shauna, for her part, pushed Tina's hand away and, pulling her citty out of her knickers began rubbing her hardness up and down the damp, widening stain on Tina's panties. Tina moaned in reply then urgently stepped away!

"Uh uh uh," Tina told her lover, "You know the rules, you only get to have sex when I say you can! Mind you," she continued, "It seems such a shame to waste this!" She reached down and began stroking Shauna's clitty once more before pushing Shauna down roughly onto the kitchen floor. Dropping down to join her, Tina took her lover's cock deep inside her mouth and begin licking and sucking; teasing and tickling Shauna's balls with one hand whilst the other moved between her own thighs, bringing herself off with her fingers! Within seconds, Shauna had shot her load for the first time that morning and Tina was kissing her hard on the lips, feeding her back her own sticky juices!

"We should wake up this way EVERY morning..." Tina joked, "You'd better jump in the bathroom Shauna. Debbie will be here soon and remember, we have a busy shopping trip planned for later on......we need to buy you a sexy new wardrobe!"

{To Be Continued...}