Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Four)

By the evening of that first day, Tom (now Shauna Marie) was physically and mentally exhausted. She no longer knew what to think and could feel her male resistance to being femmed slowly ebbing away! After a brief dinner, in which Mistress Tina made her down more pills, Shauna was finally allowed a relaxing bath provided she used the feminine beauty products that had been put out for her. Once again Tina chose her former boyfriend an outfit, this time for bed, and this time around it was a satin, aquamarine coloured babydoll. Putting it on, Shauna once again felt herself getting horny as the wispy satin fell around her body. She couldn't describe it...wearing the babydoll just felt so right!

Tina herself had also gotten ready for bed and was now wearing a tight, black, satin babydoll that shimmered in the light almost making it look wet. Shauna Marie had never seen her girlfriend looking so sexy before and could feel her little clitty hardening with excitement. She got even more excited when she heard Tina's next proposal....

"You've done really exceptionally well for your first day as a woman," Tina told Shauna Marie,"so I thought you deserved a little reward and a taster of what you can expect if you continue to make such good progress. I've bought us a couple of naughty DVDs to watch and I thought I could help you experience your first orgasm as a woman!"

Shauna had to bite her lip at the thought of what that might mean. She could already feel the endorphins and hormones building up and rushing through her body and felt herself shivering in anticipation. "Care to join me?" Tina asked and patted the bed beside her....

The first film began innocently enough. A tall redhead in a low-cut black dress sat in her bedroom pulling on sexy lace-topped fishnet thigh highs and a pair of strappy heels. She then proceeded to sensually touch up her make-up, paying extra attention to her sultry, pouting lips and literally coating them in her shiny, wet-look gloss. As the doorbell rang in the other room, the redhead reached up and hoisting her ample cleavage, pushed it together until it looked as though she was about to spill out of her dress! With a final glance at the camera, the redhead then pinched her nipples to make them erect then left the bedroom to answer the door. Whilst all this was going on, Shauna felt Mistress Tina lightly kissing and licking her neck; her hand stroking Shauna's inner thigh through the satin of her babydoll, teasing and constantly threatening to go higher to the bulge building in her panties.

Back in the film, the redhead was slowly being kissed and fondled b
y a sexy stud who was obviously her lover. He could barely keep his hands off of her but it was not until the action moved to the bedroom that Shauna got her first the stud began licking her breasts, he pulled up the redhead's dress to reveal she was actually a shemale!!! Eagerly the stud began stroking and playing with the shemale's erect clitty as he sucked on her firm tits just as Tina's hand moved up to Shauna's panties. Despite herself, Shauna found herself moaning and getting desperately turned on as Tina began lightly running her fingers up and down her new girlfriend's aching clit!

Back in the movie, it was not long before the redhead had her lover's cock out and was taking it deep inside her mouth; licking and teasing the end of his shaft like a lollipop before taking it deep between her lips in a desperate bid to make him cum. With Tina's hand still stroking Shauna's own cock, there was nearly as much moaning off screen as there was onscreen as it became a race to see who would climax first - Shauna or the redheaded shemale! As things hotted up, Mistress Tina reached under her pillow and handed Shauna a dildo, at the same time moving down between Shauna's thighs to give her new fuck toy, the sissy she had once known as her boyfriend Tom, her well earned reward.

"Lick it honey...." Tina told Shauna, " suck that dildo..take it
deep inside your mouth. I want you to imagine that's you on the screen there sucking your first cock! I want to hear you moaning like the sissy gurl that you are as you imagine just what it must be like to have that hard cock between your lips, filling your hot, wet mouth!" As Tina spoke she began sucking Shauna's own clitty, her fingers working the base and stroking her girlfriend's aching shaft simultaeneously! Shauna was hot...Shauna was horny and knew it wouldn't take long before she exploded all over Tina's face. Tina meanwhile, sensing this, began to slow and, slipping a condom over Shauna's clitty, began to very lightly tease the head with her tongue; slowing her pace and alternately running her nails lightly back and forth over Shauna's glistening helmet. As she felt herself becoming more and more horny, Shauna increased the pace on her dildo, now pumping it furiously between her painted lips in competition with the redheaded shemale onscreen and it was not long before she felt herself cumming, filling the condom with her hot, sticky juice as she cried out in lust and total abandon! The redheaded shemale onscreen was not long behind her and soon had her own lover shooting over her face but because of the way Tina had teased her to orgasm, Shauna still hadn't had enough, still felt horny and couldn't help letting out a disapointed moan when Tina reached up and removed the dildo from her mouth!

"Don't worry sweetie," Tina reassured her, "We're not done yet..." a
nd, reversing Shauna's used condom over the dildo, proceeded to tease it up and down her girlfriend's lips. Shauna, despite feeling disgusted and ashamed at herself, opened her mouth and eagerly took the dildo inside of her, licking and tasting her own cum! She heard herself moaning and groaning with delight as Tina took hold of Shauna's other hand and slipped it up into her soaking, wet pussy.

"Oooh god Shauna..." Tina moaned as Shauna's fingers slipped inside of her, "Feel how wet you've made me, feel how much you turn me on! Oh god Shauna...I love it that you are such a dirty, horny tramp!! I sooo love making you into my horny, little slut!"

Shauna tossed her dildo to one side and quickly spreading Tina's thighs, knelt to start licking her girlfriend's soaking wet pussy, wanting to reciprocate the pleasure her lover had just given her in return. The combination of Shauna's tongue, mixed with her fingers slipping in and out of Tina's hot, wet slit, slowly began driving her dominant girlfriend over the edge!

"Oh Mistress Tina," moaned Shauna as Tina came all over her face, "Thank-you for making me your slu

Shauna Marie knew she had just crossed her first boundary, total acceptance of her new role as Tina's lesbian fuck-toy, but, in that moment, really didn't seem to care...

{To Be Continued....}