Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Point Of No Return....2


  1. A lovely set! And so true . . . there is no going back, not ever . . . especially once you've had your sissy pussy fucked and filled. I do have one thing to add though -- we sissy sluts may all fear the moment that we get caught, but I'm not so sure it's with dread. After all, what other path is there to living our sissy dreams. If I had never been caught, I would probably never have experienced the joy of total submission, the thrill of being fucked like a whore, the shear pleasure of cum spewing cock or just even the relief of expressing my true femininity.


  2. Three very wonderful captions. The one where the guys ignore what they have heard and get turned is so truely appropriate. Getting caught and made to work the streets shows us quite a strict wife.