Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Auntie Jayne's Family Secrets Part Two

Previously: I was 15 when I first realised I was a Sissy. My Auntie Jayne unlocked feelings in me I had never fully acknowledged before and showed me my full potential whilst I stayed at her home for the summer. She was my teacher, my mentor and helped me to become the naughty, dirty Sissy Slut I am today. But I was not her first.....

Now: "Tell me more about my father..." I said as, sitting in the dining room, I slipped one hand down to caress my sexy silken thighs through my stockings, once more beginning to feel strangely aroused. I opened my legs wider as I felt Auntie's own foot sliding between them and moaned as her nylon toes began stroking and teasing my hardened clit under the table. "What do you want to know?" She asked me huskily. "Everything," I told her and wondered if I might regret the answer!

"Your parents had been married for several years when your mo
ther first discovered your dad's secret," Auntie began, "She came home and found him dressed, pantied, made up and wearing stockings and heels ~ the whole works! Understandably, she was quite upset, especially with you around and on the scene! I had just started doing some of my more explicit photo-shoots and was out of favour with the family but your mum turned to me and asked me for my advice. I told her, it was a little out of my league and that she needed to sit down with your dad and talk things over. Well, she did that alright! Your mum told him if she ever caught him dressed again, she would leave him and take you with her!! Unfortunately, there was nothing that your daddy could do; he was like you ~ addicted to dressing like a naughty, dirty Sissy Slut and, once he'd started, he found it impossible to stop! When your mother came home and caught him again, this time dressed in stockings and heels and fucking himself with a dildo, she flew into a rage and chucked him out on the street! In desperation, he turned to me and, reluctantly, I agreed to give him access to my home so there was somewhere he could dress and act out his fantasies. I can still remember the first time I came home and found him dressed and pantied. The sight of your dad dolled up like a sexy little Slut turned me on so much I just knew I had to have him there and then! I was already aroused from a naughty photo-shoot I had been doing that afternoon and seeing him dressed like a filthy little tart just got me sooo wet! No sooner had I shut the front door than I pounced on him, our lipsticked mouths clashing in explosive passion. I was wetter than I could ever remember being and came more times in a few short minutes than I ever had before! It was the most intense fuck I had ever had until then and, as I orgasmed again and again, I just knew that I had to help your dad fullfill his full potential as a filthy Sissy Slut! With my help, I knew he could become even more convincing as a woman and the proper submissive Sissy he so wanted to be! Your dad told me that he had always fantasised about being a dirty, naughty little cock-sucker but he'd never had the courage to go through with it. The thought of your dad all dressed up, on his knees sucking cock whilst I fucked him with a strap-on got me wet all over again and I had to fight myself from jumping on him and raping him a second time! I told him that he had to be sure, that if I started transforming him the way he wanted that he could never go back to the way things were before. He responded by reaching for my ample tits, dropping to his knees and worshipping my pussy with his tongue! I found myself moaning in sheer bliss as he tongued my wet snatch, begging me to become his Mistress and allow him to be my dirty Sissy-Boi slave! I began screaming out 'Yes. yes....yesssssss!' as I climaxed over and over, coating his face in my hot, sticky juices and meant every word of it! I wanted to control your dad, to dominate him and make him my hot Sissy Slut! And the sexy thing was, I knew he wanted it too!

"It took many months of hormones, corset training and more than a little cosmetic surgery but eventually it all paid off. Your dad was now known as Rebecca and, through my contacts, became one of the country's top Sissy porn stars! She's pretty much retired now but still does the occasional photo-shoot for Sissy magazines.... you may even have seen her! When your mum found out he had been staying here, she was furious and vowed to have nothing more to do with me; not realising that her Sissy husband had been my own personal creation! It's why she has always been so strict with you; restricting your Internet access, keeping close tabs on you, hoping and praying that you would not turn out like your father. When she first began to suspect that you were following in your father's footsteps, she contacted me again because she wanted me to help! Your mum always thought, you see, that I tried to help your father but that I failed in my efforts to make him readjust. She never realised that it was me that gave him the little push he needed to become a full-blown naughty Sissy faggot! And now..." Auntie smiled, "You've both given me the chance to do it all again.....Danielle! You are going to turn out even hornier and sluttier than your father by the time I've finished with you! Hell, maybe I'll even introduce you.....I'm sure you both have a lot of catching up to do!"

Her foot had increased it's pace as it stroked me under the table through my panties and, with a cry, I find myself filling them again with what was left of my naughty Sissy cream. I could barely control myself as my hands went up to feel my falsies spilling out the top of my tight, clingy dress and I moaned with desire as I heard my Aunt whispering "Oooh yes...I can't wait to see the two of you Sissy Girls together!!!"

{To be continued again....}